Canadian Practical Stylist with Readings, 4th edition

  • Sheridan Baker
  • Lawrence B. Gamache

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The new edition of The Practical Stylist retains its traditional readable approach to teaching composition but contains extensive revisions to address the writing process more directly and to provide a fresh and up-to-date perspective. The approach remains non-theoretical with the emphasis on practical explanations and exercises. This Fourth Edition contains readings for those profs who wish to use these as a catalyst for writing. These readings are integrated at the end of each chapter in The Canadian Practical Stylist with Readings.

Table of contents


1. The Writing Process: An Overview.

Madelaine Drohan and Alan Freeman, English Rules.

2. The Point of It All.

Wayson Choy, I'm a Banana and Proud of It. Morley Callaghan, from That Summer in Paris. John Dixon, Saving the Songs of Innocence. Marcus Tullius, Cicero How Writing Improves Speech.

3. Making a Beginning: From Subject to Thesis.

Arthur Black, X-Rated Zoodles. Margaret Atwood, Witches. Virginia Woolf, The Death of the Moth. Patti Doyle-Bedwell, Justice and Healing: A Teaching Journal.

4. Your Paper's Basic Structure.

Jonathan Swift, A Modest Proposal. Walker Percy, The Depressed Self. John Gellner, Experts Blow It Where Arms Debate Is Concerned. Margaret Visser, Seeing Red.

5. Paragraphs: Beginning, Middle, End.

Christopher Ondaatje and Robert Catherwood, The First Fourteen. Ralph Allen, Clifford Sifton's Medicine Show. David F. Pelly, Barrens Oasis.

6. Middle Tactics: Description and Narration; Expository Modes.

Margaret Laurence, Snapshot. Alice Munro, from Walker Brothers Cowboy. James B. Lamb, The Genius of Baddeck. Gerald M. Craig, Northern Miracle. Stephen Leacock, The Rival Churches of St. Asaph and St. Osoph. David Phillips, Ice Fog: The Frigid Veil of Winter.Classification. Irving Layton, Throwaways, Laryngeals, Simple Simons. Bev Smallman, The Bee's Freeze. Peter Gzowski, And the Best Damn Stew-Maker Too. John McPhee, Building a Bark Canoe. Wayne C. Booth, What Is an Idea?

7. Straight and Crooked Thinking: Working with Evidence.

Stephen Jay Gould, Wide Hats and Narrow Minds. Jacob Bronowski, The Harvest of the Seasons. Zoe L. Hayes, Conference Reality Belies its Theme.

8. Writing Good Sentences.

Sir Wilfrid Laurier, On the Death of Sir John A. Macdonald and On the Execution of Louis Riel. Eric Nicol, from Letters to My Son. Pat Deiter-McArthur, Saskatchewan's Indian People-Five Generations.

9. Correcting Wordy Sentences.

10. Words.

George Orwell, Politics and the English Language. Richard Selzer, The Art of Surgery. Lawrence Solomon, What's Left? Stephen Leacock, The Nature of Humour.

11. Research - Canadian Reference Sources.

12. The Trouble with Grammar.

13. Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization.

14. A Glossary of Usage.

The Authors.


Published by Pearson Canada (January 21st 1998) - Copyright © 1998