Case Studies in Business, Society, and Ethics, 5th edition

  • Tom L. Beauchamp

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A collection of 36 original and reprinted contemporary cases that focus on ethical and social issues surrounding business. Readers will be made aware of situations that require moral reflection, judgment, and decision-making, thus revealing the complexities that surround moral choices and the formation of public policy. KEY TOPICS: Arguments included address employees and the workplace, customers, clients, and consultants, stakeholder interests and government interests, competitive markets, and problems of justice. MARKET: For business professionals and others interested in business ethics and policies.q

Table of contents

1. Employees and the Workplace.

Employee Recommendations and Grievances.

Peer Review of Grievances at Shamrock-Diamond Corporation.

Employee Privacy.

Drug Testing at College International Publishers. The Open Door at IBM: What Can Company Doctors Disclose?

Sexual Harassment.

Managing the Crisis at Mitsubishi Motors. Awkward Advances at Your Old House Magazine.


An Explosive Problem at Gigantic Motors. The Reluctant Security Guard.

2. Customers, Clients, and Consultants.

KCRC's Incentives for Advertisers. Pornography's Many Markets and Distributors.

Selling to Unethical Customers.

Ellen Durham's Dilemmas Over a Customer Base.

Confidentiality of Financial Information.

Confidential Accounts at Swiss Bank Corporation.

Conflict of Interest.

Commissions at Brock Mason Brokerage. Consulting for Jones and Jones Pharmaceutical.

Accountants as Consultants.

Arthur Andersen's Dual Role at Enron.

3. Stakeholder Interests and Government Interests.
Intellectual Property on the Internet.

Napster's Free Market in Intellectual Property.

Regulating the Entertainment Industry.

Violent Music: Sony, Slayer, and Self-Regulation.

The Ban on Insider Trading.

An Accountant's Small-Time Trading.

Corporate Campaign Contributions.

Lockheed Martin's Acquisition of Comsat.

Corporate-Government Tensions.

Italian Tax Mores.

Noneconomic Issues Presented by Shareholders.

Pàté at Iroquois Brands.

Environmental Protection and Government Regulation.

Regulating Emissions: From Acid Rain to Global Warming. How Reserve Mining Became Cleveland-Cliffs.

4. Competitive Markets.
Sharp Practices.

Seizure of the S.W. Parcel.

Conflict of Interest.

Edward Reece's Search for Contractors. Lilly's Consultation with Hostile Corporations.

Exploiting Trade Secrets and Practicing Due Diligence.

Venture Capital for Rubbernex Paints.

Advertisements for Tobacco and Alcohol.

Marketing Alcholic Beverages and Its Impact on Underage Drinkers. Banning Cigarette Advertising.

“Sweatshops” and “Advertising” to Defend Them.

Nike's Defense of its Vietnamese Factories.

5. Problems of Justice: The Unfair and the Unfortunate.
The High-Interest Loan Market.

Acme Title Pawn: High Risk, High Reward.

Product Risk and Its Social Consequences.

Stirling Bridge’s Unloading of Surplus Tools. H.B. Fuller in Honduras: Street Children and Substance Abuse.

Health Care Delivery as a Business.

AIDS, Patents, and Access to Pharmaceuticals.

Preferential Treatment, Discrimination, and Compensatory Justice.

AT&T's Policies on Affirmative Action. Rumpole's Revenge, or Women in Catering.

Community Assistance Programs at For-Profit Corporations.

The NYSEG Corporate Responsibility Program.

Published by Pearson (September 18th 2003) - Copyright © 2004