Case Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy, 2nd edition

  • Larry Golden

Case Studies in Marriage and Family Therapy

ISBN-13:  9780130982179

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The authors believe that prospective counselors must learn from the experience of practicing counselors. This enjoyable-to-read, inexpensive casebook offers nineteen live marriage and family therapy case studies that exemplify the major approaches taken to marriage and family counseling. KEY TOPICS: The nineteen contributors provide real-life data about their counseling sessions, their decision-making process, their personal feelings, and even their mistakes. A common organization for each case study features: the problem, the diagnosis, goals, strategies, session-by-session accounts, results, and a “post-mortem.” It is telling that the contributing authors have provided the case that touched them most, not their most successful case. MARKET: For future counselors, therapists, and social workers.

Table of contents

Summary of Cases.

 1. Internet Man, Jeffrey Angera and John M. Littrell. 2. When the Problem Becomes a Gift, Gabrielle Carey. 3. Living Between Two Worlds, Montserrat Casado. 4. Rename the Blame Frame, Collie W. Conoley. 5. An Affair to Forget, Phyllis Erdman. 6. Losses and Gains, Marcheta Evans. 7. It's Not Our Fault, Molly Geil and William M. Walsh. 8. Let Me Be Me, Joshua M. Gold. 9. The Boy Who Wouldn't Leave Home, Larry B. Golden.10. Coming Out, Bibiana Gutierrez.11. Holding the Family Together, Fred J. Hanna.12. From Russia with Love, Karin B. Jordan.13. A Family's Grief, Connie M. Kane.14. A "Selfish" Mom; A "Difficult" Teen, Bruce S. Neben.15. Mr. and Mrs. Blah, Patrick O'Malley.16. Beyond Stalemate: Steps to Intimacy, Vimala Pillari.17. Time Wasted or Time Invested?, Thomas Scofield.18. The Speed Demon and the Back Seat Driver, James N. Sells.19. The Boxer and the Cutman: A Metaphor for a Marriage, Albert Valadez.Index

Published by Pearson (July 29th 2003) - Copyright © 2004