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  5. Case Studies in Mathematical Modeling: Ecology, Physiology, and Cell Biology

Case Studies in Mathematical Modeling: Ecology, Physiology, and Cell Biology, 1st edition

  • Hans G. Othmer
  • Fred Adler
  • Mark Lewis
  • John Dallon
Case Studies in Mathematical Modeling: Ecology, Physiology, and Cell Biology

ISBN-13: 9780135740392

Includes: Paperback

1st edition

Published byPearson (December 30th 1996) - Copyright © 1997

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Exposing readers to some of today's most exciting and progressive research topics, this diverse compilation of case studies illustrates the unifying role of applied mathematics throughout the biological sciences. KEY TOPICS:Written by leaders in the field, the cases demonstrate how successful modelers have used mathematics to answer real biological questions and takes readers step-by-step through the entire analytical process - question, model formulation, analysis, results, testing, and interpretation. It offers a solid foundation in theoretical biology and unifies mathematical, biological and modeling themes, providing useful tools for thought for future projects. Each section concludes with a project and problems and indicates numerous directions for further research and questions.MARKET: For researchers new to mathematical biology.

Table of contents


 1. You Bet Your Life: Life -History Strategies in Fluctuating Environments, Steve Ellner, North Carolina State University.

 2. The Evolution of Species' Niches: Population Dynamic Perspectives, Robert D. Holt and Richard Gomulkiewicz.

 3. Reflections on Models of Epidemics Triggered by the Case of Phocine Distemper Virus Among, Odo Diekmann.

 4. Simple Representations of Biomass Dynamics in Structured Populations, R.M. Nisbet, E. McCauley, W.S.C. Gurney, W.W. Murloch, and A.M. de Roos.

 5.Ancestral Inference from DNA Sequence Data, Simon Tavare.


 6. Signal Transduction and Second Messenger Systems, Hans Othmer.

 7 The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle: Molecules - Mechanisms and Mathematical Models, John Tyson, Kathy Chen, and Bela Novak.

 8 Mathamatical Models of Hematopoietic Cell Replication and Control, Michael Mackey.

 9 Oscillations and Multistability in Delayed Feedback Control, John Milton and Jennifer Foss.

10 Calcium and Membrane Potential Oscillations with Applications to Insulin- Secreting Pancreatic Beta-Cells, Arthur Sherman.


11. Mathamatical Modeling of Muscle Crossbridge Mechanics, Edward Pate.

12. THe Topology of Phase Resetting and the Entertainment of Limit Cycles, Leon Glass.

13. Modeling the Interaction of Cardiac Muscle with Strong Electric Fields, Wanda Krassowska.

14. Fluid Dynamics and Fiber Architecture of the Heart and its Valves, Charles S. Peskin and David M. McQueen.

15. Bioconvection, N.A. Hill.

A. Age Structured Models, Frederick R. Alder.

B. Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations, Mark A. Lewis and Hans G. Othmer.

C. An Introduction to Partial Differential Equations, Hans G. Othmer.

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