Casebook for School Leaders, A: Linking the ISLLC Standards to Effective Practice, 3rd edition

  • Karen L. Hanson


Practical and highly applicable, the third edition of A Casebook for School Leaders offers those pursuing a career in educational administration the opportunity learn a uniform framework for analyzing and resolving a large variety of school cases. This book examines 44 cases that represent real-life situations in today’s schools, with issues and topics ranging from the separation of church and state, personal leadership development, the No Child Left Behind Act, fundraising, and leadership attributes. Each case is fully explored keeping in mind the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) standards and how these standards can be applied effectively in practice.


The book also includes an ISLLC matrix on the inside cover that correlates the subject matter covered in each case with the ISLLC standards.


The revised third edition includes a new end-of-chapter activity called “Developing Your Leadership Expertise,” which provides readers with the opportunity to practice applying what they’ve just read to the ISLLC standards; five new cases that address issues not covered in previous editions; and a revised “Questions to Research and Consider” feature, which now includes higher-order thinking questions and inquiry-based activities.


Table of contents


  The Context

  The Cases

  The Purpose

  Hanson's Case Analysis Framework

CASE 1:  Is There a Nurse in the House?

CASE 2:  Out of Africa, A Child is Born

CASE 3:  Can't We Work This Out?

CASE 4:  Mistake in Identity

CASE 5:  The Cost of No Child Left Behind

CASE 6:   An Unwise Decision

CASE 7:  Lice Aren't Nice:  Parents Can Be Worse

CASE 8:  Golden Oldies

CASE 9:  Voucher as the Voice of the People

CASE 10:  To Be or Not to Be the Substitute

CASE 11:  Mrs. Bumble and her Band of Busybodies

CASE 12:  Caught in the Web

CASE 13:  The Bible and Mrs. Wright

CASE 14:  Tolerance Test for Rancho

CASE 15:  Cultural Clash and Curriculum Chaos

CASE 16:  Reclaiming Rose Place

CASE 17:  May the Best Clerk Win

CASE 18:  No Matter Why, It Isn't Working

CASE 19:  The Parent Who Ran Away with the Child

CASE 20:  An Educational Leader's Legacy

CASE 21:  When Students Take Matters into Their Own Hands

CASE 22:  In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

CASE 23:  The Best of Friends at the Worst of Times

CASE 24:  From Rookie to Reality

CASE 25:  To Brian, In His Memory

CASE 26:  The Gatekeeper

CASE 27:  A Question of Balance

CASE 28:  Got Lunch?

CASE 29:  When Diplomacy Fails

CASE 30:  The Custodian from Hell

CASE 31:  The Hip Club Ain't Happening

CASE 32:  Measuring Success Meets the Press

CASE 33:  Before You Go, There Is One More Thing You Need to Know

CASE 34:  When East Meets West

CASE 35:  Quick to Accuse

CASE 36:  To Keep or Not to Keep Samantha

CASE 37:  The Budget Debacle

CASE 38:  When A Student's Rights Are Wronged

CASE 39:  A Time to Reflect

CASE 40:  Here Today and Gone Tomorrow

CASE 41:  There's a New Gal in Town

CASE 42:  One Bill, One Budget

CASE 43:  Whose Problem Is It Anyway?

CASE 44:  A Slip on Candy, Not too Dancy



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