CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455 Official Cert Guide, 1st edition

  • Chris Jackson
  • Hank A. A. Preston
  • Steve Wasko


Learn, prepare, and practice for CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455 exam success with this Official Cert Guide from Pearson IT Certification, a leader in IT certification.

  • Master CCNA Cloud (CLDADM) exam 210-455 exam topics
  • Assess your knowledge with chapter-ending quizzes
  • Review key concepts with exam preparation tasks
  • Practice with realistic exam questions

CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455 Official Cert Guide is a best-of-breed exam study guide. Cisco cloud experts Chris Jackson, Hank Preston, and Steve Wasko share preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding and retention of exam topics.


The book presents you with an organized test-preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly. Review questions help you assess your knowledge, and a final preparation chapter guides you through tools and resources to help you craft your final study plan.


The companion website contains the powerful Pearson IT Certification Practice Test engine, complete with hundreds of exam-realistic questions. The assessment engine offers you a wealth of customization options and reporting features, laying out a complete assessment of your knowledge to help you focus your study where it is needed most.


Well regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the exam the first time.


The study guide helps you master all the topics on the CLDADM exam, including

  • Cloud operating models, journeys, and roadmaps
  • Cisco cloud automation and orchestration suites
  • Cloud administration and operations: managing users, groups, and virtual machines
  • Automating cloud infrastructure with UCS Director
  • Building service catalogs and user portals
  • Deploying virtual application containers
  • Chargeback, billing, and reporting
  • Performance and capacity management
  • Cloud health monitoring and maintenance
  • Cloud troubleshooting

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Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10; Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 Client; Pentium class 1GHz processor (or equivalent); 512 MB RAM; 650 MB disc space plus 50 MB for each downloaded practice exam; access to the Internet to register, download test engine, and access exam databases


Table of contents

Introduction xxiv

Part I Cloud Admin Fundamentals

Chapter 1 A n Introduction to Cloud 3

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 3

Foundation Topics 6

What Is Cloud? 6

    History of Cloud 6

        Mainframe Computing 6

        The Rise of the Virtual Machine 7

        Virtual Private Network 8

        Application Service Providers 8

        Amazon Web Services 8

        Cloud Computing Today 9

    NIST Definition 9

        Essential Characteristics 10

        Service Models 11

        Deployment Models 12

    SDN and Cloud 13

        An SDN Definition 13

        The Challenges SDN Solves 13

        SDN Is a Cloud Enabler 14

Applications and Cloud 15

    Traditional Applications 15

    Virtualized Applications 16

    Cloud-Native Applications 17

Chapter 2 Cloud: A New Operations Model for IT 21

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 21

Foundation Topics 24

IT Operations, Past, Present, and Future 24

    Waterfall 24

    Lean 26

    Agile 27

        Moving Faster 28

        The Future of IT Operations 29

    IT as a Broker of Services 30

The Rise of DevOps 30

Service Catalog 36

Self-Service Portal 39

Chapter 3 The Cloud Operation Journey 43

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 43

Foundation Topics 46

Embracing Cloud 46

    Shadow IT 46

    The Journey Starts Here 48

Cisco Domain Ten 49

    Domain 1: Unified Infrastructure 50

    Domain 2: Abstraction and Virtualization 50

    Domain 3: Automation and Orchestration 51

    Domain 4: User Portal (Self-Service Portal) 53

    Domain 5: Service Catalog 54

    Domain 6: Financials 55

    Domain 7: Platform and Data 56

    Domain 8: Applications and Analytics 56

    Domain 9: Security and Compliance 57

    Domain 10: Organization, Governance, and Operations 57

Part II Cloud Technologies

Chapter 4 Cisco Cloud Automation/Orchestration Suites 63

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 63

Foundation Topics 66

Cisco Cloud Solutions 66

    Automated Service Delivery 66

    Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite 68

    Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud 69

    Cisco OpenStack Solutions 70

Introducing UCS Director 72

    UCS Director Architecture 73

    How UCS Director Works 75

    Installation Components of UCS Director 76

    Multinode Deployment 76

    UCS Director Self-Service Portal 77

Orchestration with UCS Director 78

    UCS Director Orchestrator 79

    Workflow Designer 80

    Building a Workflow 80

    Triggers 81

    Activities 81

    Validating Workflow 81

    Approvals 82

    Rollback 83

UCS Director Baremetal Agent 83

    How BMA Works 85

Exam Preparation Tasks 87

Review All Key Topics 87

Define Key Terms 87

Chapter 5 Cisco Prime Service Catalog 89

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 89

Foundation Topics 92

Introducing Prime Service Catalog 92

    Managing Requests for IT Services 93

    On-Demand Service Delivery 94

Prime Service Catalog Concepts and Components 96

    End-User Storefront 97

    Stack Designer 97

    Portal Designer 98

    Service Designer 101

    UCS Director 102

    RabbitMQ 102

    Puppet 103

    Intercloud Fabric for Business 103

Navigating the End-User Storefront 103

    Logging In 103

    Locating Services 105

        Browsing for Services 105

        Searching for Services 107

        Service Overview 109

    Ordering a Service 110

    Viewing Order Status Details 111

Stack Designer 113

    Stack Designer Templates 113

    Configuring an Application Template with Stack Designer 116

Heat Orchestration 123

Exam Preparation Tasks 125

Review All Key Topics 125

Define Key Terms 125

Chapter 6 Cisco Cloud Infrastructure 127

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 127

Foundation Topics 130

How Automation and Orchestration Relates to Infrastructure 130

Physical Switching 131

    Nexus Series Switches 131

        The Nexus 2000 Series Fabric Extenders 132

        Cisco Nexus 3000 Series Switches 135

        Cisco Nexus 4000 Series Switches 135

        Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switches 136

        Cisco Nexus 6000 Series Switches 136

        Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches 137

        Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches 138

        Cisco Cloud Programmability of Nexus Switches 138

    Introduction to Application Centric Infrastructure 139

        Application Network Profiles and How They Work 140

    Infrastructure Automation and UCS Director 142

Virtual Switching 143

    Virtual Switching Overview 143

    Nexus 1000V 144

    AVS Architecture and Components 145

Virtual Application Cloud Segmentation (VACS) 146

    VACS Containers 148

    VACS 3-Tier Internal Container Template 149

    VACS 3-Tier External Container Template 150

        Building a VACS Container with Gateway of Choice 151

Intercloud Fabric 152

    Why Hybrid 153

    How It Works 155

        Intercloud Fabric for Business 155

        Intercloud Fabric for Providers 155

    Secure Network Extender 155

    Secure Network Extension to the Public Cloud 156

Exam Preparation Tasks 158

Review All Key Topics 158

Define Key Terms 158

Part III Cloud Administration and Operations

Chapter 7 Managing Users and Groups 161

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 161

Foundation Topics 164

Overview of Users and Groups 164

    Prime Service Catalog 164

        Managing Connections Between Prime Service Catalog 172

    UCS Director 173

        Local Users in UCS Director 173

        Local Groups in UCS Director 176

        LDAP Integration for UCS Director 178

Default Roles in UCS Director 183

Configuring a New User with a Single Role 188

Exam Preparation Tasks 194

Review All Key Topics 194

Define Key Terms 194

Chapter 8 Virtual Machine Management 197

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 197

Foundation Topics 200

Understanding VM Virtualization in Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suite 200

Overview of End-User VM Operations in UCS Director 203

    Adding a Virtual Hypervisor to UCS Director 203

    Installing PowerShell Agent 205

    Standard VM Operations 207

    Advanced or Custom VM Operations 210

        Custom VM Action Policies 212

    Setting VM Options for End-User Selection 230

Understanding Common Administrative Workflows on VMs in UCS Director 232

Prime Service Catalog VM Integration 235

    Linking UCS Director and Prime Service Catalog 236

    Exploring “My Stuff” 239

    Taking VM Actions in Prime Service Catalog 240

Exam Preparation Tasks 243

Review All Key Topics 243

Define Key Terms 243

Chapter 9 Automating Cloud Infrastructure with UCS Director 245

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 245

Foundation Topics 248

UCS Director Policies, Pools, and Virtual Data Centers 248

    Virtual Data Center and Policies 248

        System Policy 250

        Computing Policy 252

        Network Policy 253

        Storage Policy 255

        Cost Model 256

        Action Policies 257

        vDC Categories 259

    IP, Subnet, and VLAN Network Pools 259

        Static IP Pool Policy 260

        IP Subnet Pool Policy 261

        VLAN Pool Policy 262

    Physical Infrastructure Policies 262

        UCS Policies 262

UCS Director Orchestration 265

    Workflows 265

        Workflow Properties 266

        Workflow Designer 269

        Workflow Creation Walkthrough 270

    Extending Orchestration 275

        Cloupia Script 275

        Custom Tasks 276

        Custom Approval Task 276

        Custom Workflow Input 277

        Cisco Community 277

UCS Director Service Requests 278

    Service Request Actions 281

    Reservations 283

Exam Preparation Tasks 284

Review All Key Topics 284

Define Key Terms 284

Chapter 10 Building a Service Catalog and User Portal with UCS Director and Prime Service Catalog 287

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 287

Foundation Topics 290

UCS Director Catalogs 290

    Standard Catalog 290

    Advanced Catalog 295

    Service Container Catalog 296

    VDI Catalog 297

Prime Service Catalog Fundamentals 297

    The Showcase 298

    Categories 299

    Services 300

Connecting and Importing to Prime Service Catalog 300

Customizing Auto-Created Services 303

Ordering a Service with Prime Service Catalog 304

    Finding Services and Their Details 305

    Placing an Order 307

Checking and Monitoring Status of an Order 309

    End-User Order Management in Prime Service Catalog 309

    Administrator Service Request Management in UCS Director 311

Accessing and Managing New Resources 311

    Managing “My Stuff” Within Prime Service Catalog 312

    Using the UCS Director End-User Portal 313

Exam Preparation Tasks 316

Review All Key Topics 316

Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 316

Define Key Terms 316

Chapter 11 Deploying Virtual Application Containers 319

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 319

Foundation Topics 322

Understanding UCS Director Application Containers 322

Types of Application Containers 323

    Fenced Virtual Container 324

    VACS Container 325

Container Template Setup 327

    Fenced Virtual Containers 327

    VACS Containers 335

Creating Container Catalogs 343

Managing Deployed Containers 344

APIC Containers 346

Exam Preparation Tasks 347

Review All Key Topics 347

Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 347

Define Key Terms 347

Chapter 12 Chargeback, Billing, and Reporting 349

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 349

Foundation Topics 353

UCS Director Reporting 353

    Cloud Infrastructure Reports 353

        Physical Infrastructure 356

        Virtual Infrastructure 363

    CloudSense Analytics 368

UCS Director Chargeback 372

    Cost Models 373

    Chargeback Reports 377

    Budget Policy 379

    Exporting Metering Data for External Integration 381

Exam Preparation Tasks 382

Review All Key Topics 382

Define Key Terms 382

Part IV Cloud Management, Monitoring, and Reporting

Chapter 13 Cloud Performance and Capacity Management 385

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 385

Foundation Topics 389

Performance Management in UCS Manager 389

    Monitoring Hosts/Blades 389

        Monitoring Bandwidth 389

        Monitoring CPU/Memory 391

        Monitoring Other Components 392

    Monitoring Infrastructure 392

        Monitoring Ethernet Bandwidth 393

        Monitoring Fibre Channel Bandwidth 395

Performance/Capacity Management in UCS Central 396

    Seeing Available Host Capacity 397

    Statistics and Reporting 398

        Standard Reports 398

        Custom Reports 400

Capacity Management in UCS Director 404

    Dashboard Statistics 404

    CloudSense Reporting 404

        CloudSense Reports in UCS Director 405

        CloudSense Assessments in UCS Director 406

        CloudSense Report Builder in UCS Director 407

Performance Management in UCS Performance Manager 410

    Dashboard 410

    Dashboard Topology 411

    Monitoring Infrastructure 412

    Application Groups 414

    Available Reports in UCS Performance Manager 416

        Cisco UCS Capacity Reports 416

        Cisco UCS Reports 416

        Enterprise Reports 417

        Performance Reports 417

Configuring Serviceability Options 418

    Syslog 418

    Network Time Protocol 420

    Domain Name Service 422

    Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol 423

    Simple Mail Transfer Protocol 425

Exam Preparation Tasks 427

Review All Key Topics 427

Define Key Terms 427

Chapter 14 Monitoring and Maintaining the Health of Your Cloud 429

“Do I Know This Already?” Quiz 429

Foundation Topics 432

UCS Director Dashboards 432

    Dashboard Widgets 432

    Infrastructure Summary Dashboards 433

    System Dashboard 435

Fault Severities and States 438

Cloud Monitoring 439

    Infrastructure Event and Fault Monitoring 439

    Performance Monitoring 440

    Service Request Monitoring 441

Visibility and Troubleshooting Through Logs 444

    UCS Director Logs 444

    Prime Service Catalog Logs 446

Backing Up the Cloud 448

    Backups in UCS Director 449

    Backups in Prime Service Catalog 450

Foundation Topics 452

Exam Preparation Tasks 452

Review All Key Topics 452

Complete Tables and Lists from Memory 452

Define Key Terms 452

Chapter 15 Final Preparation 455

Tools for Final Preparation 455

    Pearson Cert Practice Test Engine and Questions 455

    Install the Software 455

    Activate and Download the Practice Exam 456

    Activating Other Exams 457

    Premium Edition 457

    The Cisco Learning Network 457

    Memory Tables 457

    Chapter-Ending Review Tools 458

Suggested Plan for Final Review/Study 458

Using the Exam Engine 458

Summary 459

Glossary 461

Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes 469

Appendix B Memory Tables 473

Appendix C Memory Tables Answer Key 477


Online Elements


Appendix A Answers to the “Do I Know This Already?” Quizzes

Appendix B Memory Tables

Appendix C Memory Tables Answer Key

Appendix D Study Planner


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