CDMA Internetworking: Deploying the Open A-Interface, 1st edition

  • SuLin Low
  • Ron Schneider

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The authoritative guide to deploying A-Interface-compliant CDMA systems

The experiences of Low and Schneider and their clear exposition should be of great benefit.

— from the Foreword by Irwin Mark Jacobs, Chairman and CEO, QUALCOMM

The new CDMA A-Interface enables wireless service providers to build scalable, expandable wireless networks with the best equipment from multiple vendors, adding value and reducing risk. In CDMA Internetworking, two leaders of advanced CDMA projects bring clarity to the complex standards documents, showing technical professionals and managers exactly how to build and deploy A-Interface compliant systems. The first authoritative, in-depth A-Interface implementer's guide, this book fully reflects the CDMA Development Group's CDG-IOS detailed open interface standards—providing comprehensive detail for building fully interoperable systems. Coverage includes:

  • Call Processing and Mobility Management
  • Supplementary Services and Short Message Services (SMS)
  • Wireless Data Services
  • Over-the-Air Service Provisioning (OTASP) and Authentication
  • Radio Resource Management and Terrestrial Circuit Management
  • Interoperability with SS7, IS-95 CDMA air interfaces, and IS-41 systems
  • Practical troubleshooting guidance and detailed information on failure conditions

CDMA Internetworking contains dozens practical examples and illustrations, drawn from the authors' real-world experience with the CDMA Open A-Interface and CDG-IOS standards. With this book, wireless professionals can spend less time resolving technical ambiguities—and more time building reliable, interoperable systems that get to market fast!

Table of contents

1. Introduction.

CDMA Wireless Network Functions. Overview of the MSC-BSC Interface. Open A-Interface Network Architecture. A-Interface Protocol Architecture. Ater-Interface Protocol Architecture. BSAP Message & Parameter Structure. A-Interface Standard Evolution. A-Interface Standard Specification Structure.

2. SS7 Basics.

The SS7 Network. SS7 Protocol Layers. SS7 Message Structure. MTP2 Layer. MTP3 Layer. SCCP Layer. Bringing up An SS7 Link.

3. Call Processing.

Mobile Origination. Mobile Termination. Mobile-Initiated Call Clearing. BSC-Initiated Call Clearing. MSC Initiated Call Clearing. BSC-Initiated Abnormal SCCP Release. MSC Initiated Abnormal SCCP Release. Call Failure Scenarios.

4. Mobility Management.

Mobility Management Overview. Location Update.

5. Supplementary Services.

Short Message Services. Message Waiting Indication. Cellular Call Features. Over the Air Service Provisioning (OTASP). Circuit-Mode Data Services. SMS Protocol Overview.

6. Authentication.

Authentication Overview. Global Challenge Location Update. Global Challenge Mobile Origination. Global Challenge Mobile Termination. Unique Challenge. Shared Secret Data Update. Signaling Message Encryption and Voice Privacy.

7. Radio Resource Management.

CDMA Overhead Radio Channel Management. IS-95 CDMA Intra-BSC Soft handoff. IS-95 to IS-95 Inter-BSC Hard Handoff. IS-95 to IS-95 Direct BSC-BSC Soft handoff.

8. Terrestrial Circuit Management.

Terrestrial Circuit Management Overview. Blocks and Unblocks. Reset Circuits. Global System Reset. A7-Interface Global Reset.

9. A-Interface Integration.

MSC-BSC Integration Process. MSC/BSC Emulation using MGTS. MSC-BSC Integration Configuration. Protocol Analyzer Tools.

10. A-Interface for 3G.

3G Packet Data Architecture. 3G Radio Support. Enhanced Services. Forward & Backward Compatibility.

Appendix A: A-Interface Messages.

Appendix B: A3/A7-Interface Messages.

Appendix C: A-Interface Parameters.

Appendix D: A3/A7-Interface Parameters.

Appendix E: A-Interface Timers.

Appendix F: A3/A7 Timers.



Published by Pearson (July 5th 2000) - Copyright © 2000