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  4. Chasing the Light: Photography and the Practice of Seeing, DVD

Chasing the Light: Photography and the Practice of Seeing, DVD, 1st edition

  • Ibarionex Perello

Published by New Riders (December 24th 2011) - Copyright © 2012

1st edition

Chasing the Light: Photography and the Practice of Seeing, DVD

ISBN-13: 9780321822611

Includes: DVD
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What's included

  • DVD

    Videos that bring concepts to life.


Light. It's the most transformative tool at any photographer's disposal. Whether the lens is turned to people, wildlife, or landscapes, the creative use of light can often make the difference between a snapshot and a powerful photograph. This instructional video provides a look into one photographer's approach to seeing and using available light. Ibarionex Perello, author of the acclaimed book Chasing the Light: Improving Your Photography with Available Light, takes students on a visual journey through the streets of Los Angeles, not only explaining his approach to creating great street photography but also teaching how to develop their own way of seeing. They get the experience of shooting over his shoulder as he explains how he considers light, shadow, and color, and how he approaches strangers for street portraits. This video will help students find their own way of seeing as well as empower them to overcome the obstacles that can stand in the way of their creativity.

Total running time: 1:52

Table of contents

Chapter 1- Introductions 03:58
Chapter 2 - Getting Warmed Up 10:29
Chapter 3- The Approach 10:23
Chapter 4- Knowing Your Rights 13:38
Chapter 5- Seeing and Controlling Exposure 06:06
Chapter 6- Camping Out 12:31
Chapter 7- Choosing to Shoot 09:28
Chapter 8- Working Within Limitations 12:50
Chapter 9- Discovering the Light 09:33
Chapter 10- Led by the Light 13:40
Chapter 11- Keeping it Simple 09:24

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