Chemistry For Changing Times, Global Edition, 14th edition

  • John W. Hill
  • Terry W. McCreary
  • Doris K. Kolb


For non-majors introductory chemistry courses.


Make chemistry relatable to all students.

Chemistry for Changing Times has defined the liberal arts chemistry course and remains the most visually appealing and readable introduction to the subject. The 14th Edition increases its focus on environmental and other relatable issues with revised green chemistry essays throughout and new Chemistry at Home experiments. Abundant applications and examples fill each chapter and enable students of varied majors to relate to the content more readily. Updated material throughout reflects the latest scientific developments in the field demonstrating the relevance of chemistry to all students.


Table of contents

1. Chemistry

2. Atoms

3. Atomic Structure

4. Chemical Bonds

5. Chemical Accounting

6. Gases, Liquids, Solids . . . and Intermolecular Forces

7. Acids and Bases

8. Oxidation and Reduction

9. Organic Chemistry

10. Polymers

11. Nuclear Chemistry

12. Chemistry of Earth

13. Air


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