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Chinese Civil Law: A Handbook, 1st edition

Chinese Civil Law: A Handbook

ISBN-13:  9781849464031


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China is a major civil law jurisdiction. Since the end of the 1990s great efforts have been made in China to codify the entire civil law. With the major statutes governing contracts, property, torts and conflict of laws promulgated in 1999, 2007, 2009 and 2010 respectively, the most crucial steps have been taken towards the creation of a Chinese Civil code. This book attempts to shed light on both the theoretical and the practical aspects of Chinese civil law, while extensive footnotes and a detailed bibliography and index allow for further study of specific areas and facilitate systematic research. The book addresses the following topics: Part I General, Part II Contracts, Part III Tort Law, Part IV Property Law, Part V Conflict of Laws. Main features: Combination of an overall picture of the specific field of law at issue and thorough analysis of fundamental issues. Combination of black letter law and law in action. Selected bibliography of publications in English, information on English translations of Chinese regulations available in the public domain, lists of the relevant statutes and judicial interpretations, as well as cases.

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¿ Prof. Dr Yuanshi Bu, LL.M. (Freiburg) ¿ Manjiao CHI (Xiamen) ¿ Funing HUANG (Beijing) ¿ Dr Simon Werthwein (Frankfurt) ¿ Hui ZHENG (London)

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