Civil Engineering Materials, 2nd edition

  • Shan Somayaji

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This book deals with properties, applications and analysis of important materials of construction/civil engineering. It offers full coverage of how materials are made or obtained, their physical properties, their mechanical properties, how they are used in construction, how they are tested in the lab, and their strength characteristics--information that is essential for material selection and elementary design. Contains illustrative examples and tables and figures from professional organizations. KEY TOPICS: Considers all common materials of civil engineering/construction--and looks at each in depth: e.g., physical properties, mechanical properties, code provisions, methods of testing, quality control, construction procedures, and material selection. Discusses laboratory testing procedures for selected tests--provides step-by-step descriptions of laboratory test procedures to determine properties of materials. All test procedures are based on relevant ASTM specification. MARKET: For Civil Engineers, Construction Engineers, Architects, and Agricultural Engineers.

Table of contents

(NOTE: Each chapter concludes with Problems.)

1. Introduction.

Materials and Methods—A Historical Perspective. Materials and Types. Civil Engineering Materials. Properties of Engineering Materials. Selection of Materials. Standards.

2. Aggregates.

Rocks. Types of Aggregates. Properties of Aggregates. Examples. Testing.

3. Concrete and Other Cementitious Materials.

Types of Cement. Various Cementitious Materials. Uses of Concrete. Portland Cement. Hydration. Properties of Concrete. Mixing, Placing, and Curing. Properties of Hardened Concrete. Durability. Mix Proportioning and Design. Admixtures. Types of Concrete. Other Cementitious Materials. Testing.

4. Masonry.

Masonry Units. Mortar, Grout, and Plaster. Masonry Construction. Properties of Masonry. Reinforced Masonry. Mix Proportioning and Examples. Testing.

5. Wood and Wood Products.

Structure of Wood. Types of Wood. Physical Properties of Wood. Shrinkage and Seasoning. Treatment and Durability. Lumber Sizes. Use Classification and Lumber Grading. Moisture Content Classification and Grade Stamp. Mechanical Properties and Allowable Values. Wood Products. Creep. Wood Construction. Testing.

6. Bituminous Materials and Mixtures.

Tars and Pitches. Asphalts. Petroleum Asphalts. Asphalt Grades. Asphalt Concrete. Asphalt Pavement. Spray Applications. Testing.

7. Iron and Steel.

Iron. Steel. Properties of Steel. Structural Steel. Reinforcing Steel. Welded Wire Fabric. Epoxy-Coated Reinforcing Steel. Testing.

8. Plastics and Soils.

Plastics. Modified Plastics. Uses of Plastics. Soils. Strength Property of Soils. Constituent Properties of Soils.

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