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Clinical Experiences in Counseling, 1st edition

  • Bradley T. Erford

Published by Pearson (March 11th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

1st edition

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Clinical Experiences in Counseling

ISBN-13: 9780137017249

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  • Paperback

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This ready-to-use resource provides the practical, nitty-gritty information and hands-on skills interns and practicum students need to successfully complete their clinical experiences–and proudly join the counseling profession with confidence. Designed to accompany students as they advance through practicum and internship, Clinical Experiences in Counseling helps bridge the gap from theory to practice at the most critical juncture of their training–practicum and internship. It covers the day-to-day elements of practice in agencies and schools that are often missing from the theory-based courses. Packed with case examples, self-assessments, activities, and “voices from the field, this resource orients clinical students to the field, while providing them with the day-to-day information they need, not only to survive, but to thrive.


Special focus on:

  • Expectations and how to get the most out of the supervision process.
  • Assessment and intervention with clients in danger and crisis.
  • Wellness and developing healthy work and personal habits to carry through one’s entire career.


Readers see clearly how to:

  • Apply the laws and ethics in everyday clinical practice.
  • Work with special issues (neuropsych and psychopharmacology) and populations.
  • Market and position oneself in the job market, with an eye toward growing/marketing a counseling practice after graduation.


Included In each chapter:

  • Several self-assessment activities encouraging self-reflection and self-assessment on the concepts of the chapter.
  • Voices from the Field features providing first-hand, in-the-trenches perspectives from counselors who have “been there and done that”.
  • Realistic case examples challenging readers to apply knowledge and skills to realistic cases they are likely to encounter in the field.


Included are separate chapters on:

  • Relationship building
  • Goal setting
  • Record keeping
  • The integration of theory into practice


Table of contents

Chapter 1: Matching Goals, Developing Skills and Getting the Most Out of Clinical Placements by Rachel M. Hoffman and Bradley T. Erford


Chapter 2: The Supervision Process by Catherine Y. Chang, Caroline O’Hara, and Lindy K. Parker


Chapter 3: The Many Details of a First Impression by Robin Wilbourn Lee, Jennifer Jordan, Kristi Gibbs, and Jeannine R. Studer


Chapter 4: Integrating Theory into Practice by Dana Heller Levitt, Alissa Darnell, Bradley T. Erford, and Ann Vernon  


Chapter 5: Record Keeping: What to Include and What to Leave Out by James Jackson and Charlotte Daughhetee


Chapter 6: Putting Ethics and Law into Practice by Lynn E. Linde and Bradley T. Erford


Chapter 7: Special Populations and Issues by Victoria E. Kress and Matthew J. Paylo, and Nicole A. Adamson


Chapter 8: Multicultural Counseling and Its Multiple Applications by José A. Villalba


Chapter 9: Assessing and Intervening with Clients in Danger and Crisis by Linda Foster, Paul Hard, Laura L. Talbott, and Mary L. Bartlett


Chapter 10: Practicing Professional Responsibility by Stephanie G. Puleo, Charlotte Daughhetee, and Jason M. Newell


Chapter 11: Wrapping It Up by Nicole A. Adamson and Bradley T. Erford


Chapter 12: Other Pertinent Issues in Counseling Practice by Elisabeth Bennett


Chapter 13: Counselor Self-Care by Kerry Thon


Chapter 14: From Envisioning to Actualization: Marketing Yourself in the 21st Century

by Daniel S. Testa, Jessica A. Headley, and Nicole A. Adamson

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