Clinical Laboratory Urinalysis and Body Fluids, 1st edition

  • Robert Sunheimer
  • Linda Graves
  • Wendy Stockwin
  • Elizabeth Gockel-Blessing


The current, concise, and easy-to-read guide to urinalysis and body fluids for all clinical laboratory technology students and professionals.


Clinical Laboratory Urinalysis and Body Fluids brings together all the information clinical laboratory technology students need about all aspects of urinalysis and body fluids. Current, concise, and easy to read, it reflects the authors' extensive combined experience in academia, research and the technical areas of a clinical laboratory. Topics covered include: safety, quality, renal anatomy/physiology, pre-analytical urinalysis; urinalysis physical components and chemical examination; microscopy; microscopic urine sediment examination; renal diseases; cerebrospinal, serous, and other body fluids; amniotic fluid and pregnancy testing; metabolic diseases, and fecal analysis. Content is sequenced logically, with boxes, tables, and figures augmenting and supporting each chapter's technical information. Chapter objectives are written at two levels, reflecting laboratory technicians' and technologists' differing scope of practice. Periodic self-assessment "checkpoints" challenge students with timely review questions, and chapter-ending review questions are also presented at two levels, reflecting students' differing backgrounds. Students also gain practical insights through case studies at the beginning of each chapter, and "Mini Case" patient scenarios located throughout.


Teaching and Learning Experience


This book will help students master all the concepts and techniques they need to succeed as clinical laboratory technicians or technologists.

  • Presents up-to-date coverage of all topics related to urinalysis and other body fluids: Covers safety and quality, as well as all common types of body fluid testing and all stages of urinalysis
  • Flexible enough to support instruction of both clinical laboratory technicians and technologists, and students with diverse educational backgrounds: Provides sets of chapter objectives and review questions carefully crafted to serve students with differing knowledge and goals
  • Provides practical insight through multiple case studies: Includes "Case in Point" case studies motivating each chapter, and Mini Case studies throughout chapters.

Table of contents

1. Safety

2. Quality Issues in a Clinical Urinalysis Laboratory

3. Renal Anatomy and Physiology

4. Pre-Analytical Urinalysis

5. Urinalysis: Physical Components

6. Urinalysis: Chemical Examination: The Reagent Strip

7. Microscopy

8. Urinalysis: Microscopic Urine Sediment Examination

9. Renal Diseases

10. Cerebrospinal Fluid

11. Serous Fluids

12. Other Body Fluids

13. Amniotic Fluid and Pregnancy Testing

14. Metabolic Diseases

15. Fecal Analysis

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