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Clinical Laboratory Urinalysis and Body Fluids, 1st edition

  • Wendy Stockwin
  • Elizabeth Gockel-Blessing
  • Robert Sunheimer
  • Linda Graves

Published by Pearson (December 31st 2019) - Copyright © 2020

1st edition


For undergraduate courses in urinalysis and body fluids as part of clinical laboratory programs.
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A current, concise, and easy-to-read survey of urinalysis and body fluids
Clinical Laboratory Urinalysis and Body Fluids2nd Edition, is part of Pearson’s clinical laboratory science series, which offers a balanced, engaging presentation of theory and application. Reflecting the authors’ combined extensive experience in academia, research, and clinical work, the text gives clinical laboratory technology students a solid foundation in urinalysis and body fluids – including in safety, quality, A&P, procedures, and analysis – while providing practical insight through case studies and “Mini Case” patient scenarios.

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Table of contents

1. Safety
2. Quality Issues in a Clinical Urinalysis Laboratory
3. Renal Anatomy and Physiology
4. Pre-́nalytical Urinalysis
5. Urinalysis: Physical Components
6. Urinalysis: Chemical Examination: The Reagent Strip
7. Microscopy
8. Urinalysis: Microscopic Urine Sediment Examination
9. Renal Diseases
10. Cerebrospinal Fluid
11. Serous Fluids
12. Other Body Fluids
13. Amniotic Fluid and Pregnancy Testing
14. Metabolic Diseases
15. Fecal Analysis 

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