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Clinical Nursing Skills: Basic to Advanced Skills, 9th edition

  • Sandra F. Smith
  • Donna J. Duell
  • Barbara C. Martin
  • Laura Gonzalez
  • Michelle Aebersold

Published by Pearson (January 27th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

9th edition

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Clinical Nursing Skills: Basic to Advanced Skills

ISBN-13: 9780134087924

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KEY BENEFIT: Current with both the National Council Test Plan for RN and the NCLEX®, Clinical Nursing Skills: Basic to Advanced Skills teaches more than 550 nursing skills, from basic to complex. For each skill, students learn how to assess clients, formulate nursing diagnoses, perform procedures according to safe and accepted protocols, evaluate outcomes, and document pertinent data. Organized around the nursing process, the text helps readers understand the overall theory and rationales for each skill and technique. Coverage of evidence-based care, cultural/religious considerations, nursing management, and community-based nursing is provided throughout. Extensive case studies, critical-thinking features, NCLEX-style review questions, and new QSEN activities give students practice applying their knowledge and clinical reasoning. Easily adaptable to any conceptual curriculum model, Clinical Nursing Skills is the definitive resource for best practice nursing standards, guidelines, and competencies.

KEY TOPICS: Professional Nursing; Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process; Managing Client Care: Documentation and Delegation; Communication and Nurse-Client Relationship; Admission, Transfer, and Discharge; Client Education and Discharge Planning; Safe Client Environments and Restraints; Bathing, Bedmaking, and Maintaining Skin Integrity; Personal Hygiene; Vital Signs; Physical Assessment; Body Mechanics and Positioning; Exercise and Ambulation; Infection Control; Disaster Preparedness; Pain Management; Alternative Therapies and Stress Management; Medication Administration; Nutritional Management and Enteral Intubation; Specimen Collection; Diagnostic Procedures; Urinary Elimination; Bowel Elimination; Heat and Cold Therapies; Wound Care and Dressings; Perioperative Care; Orthopedic Interventions; Intravenous Therapy; Central Vascular Access Devices; Respiratory Care; Circulatory Maintenance; Neurologic Management; Advanced nursing Skills; End-of-Life Care

MARKET: This comprehensive set of nursing skills and procedures can be used across the nursing curriculum. It also serves as a good procedure manual for hospitals and medical clinics.

Table of contents

  1. Professional Nursing

  2. Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process

  3. Managing Client Care: Documentation and Delegation

  4. Communication and Nurse-Client Relationship

  5. Admission, Transfer, and Discharge

  6. Client Education and Discharge Planning

  7. Safe Client Environments and Restraints

  8. Bathing, Bedmaking, and Maintaining Skin Integrity

  9. Personal Hygiene

  10. Vital Signs

  11. Physical Assessment

  12. Body Mechanics and Positioning

  13. Exercise and Ambulation

  14. Infection Control

  15. Disaster Preparedness

  16. Pain Management

  17. Alternative Therapies and Stress Management

  18. Medication Administration

  19. Nutritional Management and Enteral Intubation

  20. Specimen Collection

  21. Diagnostic Procedures

  22. Urinary Elimination

  23. Bowel Elimination

  24. Heat and Cold Therapies

  25. Wound Care and Dressings

  26. Perioperative Care

  27. Orthopedic Interventions

  28. Intravenous Therapy

  29. Central Vascular Access Devices

  30. Respiratory Care

  31. Circulatory Maintenance

  32. Neurologic Management

  33. Advanced nursing Skills

  34. End-of-Life Care

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