Close Relations: An Introduction to the Sociology of Families, 6th edition

  • Susan A. McDaniel
  • Lorne Tepperman
  • Sandra Colavecchia

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Explore the Canadian Family

Close Relations: An Introduction to the Sociology of Families, Sixth edition is a Canadian book, rooted in sociological research from around the world, reflecting concerns of the twenty-first century. It continues to cover the most important topics in the family literature and, as before, ends with a look at the future of families. 

Readers have agreed with our approach, which is to stress family processes over structure, diversity over uniformity, and reality over myth.

Table of contents

Ch 1 Families and Family-Like Relationships: Definitions, Theories, and Research
Ch 2 Historical Perspectives on Canadian Families: Demographic, Social, and Economic Origins and Trends
Ch 3 How Families Begin: Dating and Mating
Ch 4 Types of Intimate Couples: Marriage, Cohabitation, Same-Sex Relationships, and Other Forms
Ch 5 Happy and Healthy Relationships
Ch 6 Parenting: Childbearing, Socialization, and Parenting Challenges
Ch 7 Work and Family Life
Ch 8 Stress and Violence: Realities of Family Life
Ch 9 Divorce and Ending Relationships: Trends, Myths, Children, and Ex-Spouses
Ch 10 Family Transitions and Diversity: Second Families, Empty Nests, Cluttered Nests, and New Kinds of Families
Ch 11 A Glimpse into the Future: Where Do Families Go from Here? 

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Published by Pearson Canada (February 20th 2018) - Copyright © 2019