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College Algebra in Context, Books a la Carte Edition, 5th edition

  • Ronald J. Harshbarger
  • Lisa Yocco

Published by Pearson (February 17th 2016) - Copyright © 2017

5th edition

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Mathematics from Classroom to Career

College Algebra in Context, Fifth Edition is ideal for students majoring in business, social sciences, and life sciences. The authors use modeling, applications, and real-data problems to develop skills, giving students the practice they need to become adept problem solvers in their future courses and careers. This edition offers new sections on conics and the binomial theorem.


This package consists of the textbook, MyMathLab access kit, and Integrated Review worksheets.


0134380150 / 9780134380155 * College Algebra in Context with Integrated Review and Worksheets Plus MyMathLab with Pearson eText-- Access Card Package

Package consists of:

0134040228 / 9780134040226 * Worksheets for College Algebra in Context with Integrated Review

0134179021 / 9780134179025 * College Algebra in Context with Applications for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences

0321431308 / 9780321431301 * MyMathLab -- Glue-in Access Card

0321654064 / 9780321654069 * MyMathLab Inside Star Sticker

Table of contents


To the Student


1. Functions, Graphs, and Models; Linear Functions

Integrated Review Objectives
Write sets of numbers using descriptions or elements • Identify sets of real numbers as being integers, rational numbers, and/or irrational numbers • Work with set operations • Calculate with real numbers • Use properties of real numbers • Graph numbers on a number line • Find absolute values • Identify the coefficients of terms and constants in algebraic expressions • Combine like terms • Evaluate algebraic expressions • Express inequalities as intervals and graph inequalities • Work with inequalities • Plot points on a coordinate system • Use subscripts to represent fixed points

1-1 Functions and Models

1-2 Graphs of Functions

1-3 Linear Functions

1-4 Equations of Lines


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 1 Skills Check

Chapter 1 Review

Group Activities/Extended Applications


2. Linear Models, Equations, and Inequalities

Integrated Review Objectives
Rounding and significant digits • Write fractions in lowest terms • Multiply and divide fractions • Add and subtract fractions • Identify expressions and equations • Solve basic linear equations using the addition or multiplication property • Use the multiplication or division properties of equations to solve linear equations • Solve more linear equations • Determine if a linear equation is a conditional equation, and identity, or a contradiction • Evaluate formulas for given values • Use properties of inequalities to solve linear inequalities

2-1 Algebraic and Graphical Solution of Linear Equations

2-2 Fitting Lines to Data Points: Modeling Linear Functions

2-3 Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

2-4 Solutions of Linear Inequalities


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 2 Skills Check

Chapter 2 Review

Group Activities/Extended Applications


3. Quadratic, Piecewise-Defined, and Power Functions

Integrated Review Objectives
Understand terminology related to polynomials • Add and subtract monomials and polynomials • Multiply monomials and polynomials • Factor out common factors • Factor by grouping • Factor polynomials • Factor trinomials • Simplify radicals by factoring • Multiply and divide radicals • Add and subtract radicals • Simplify radical expressions • Convert between exponential and radical form • Work with the complex number i • Add and subtract complex numbers • Multiply and divide complex numbers

3-1 Quadratic Functions; Parabolas

3-2 Solving Quadratic Equations

3-3 Piecewise-Defined Functions and Power Functions

3-4 Quadratic and Power Models


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 3 Skills Check

Chapter 3 Review

Group Activities/Extended Applications


4. Additional Topics with Functions

Integrated Review Objectives
Write rational expressions in lowest terms • Multiply and divide rational expressions • Add and subtract rational expressions with the same denominator • Find the least common denominator • Add and subtract rational expressions with the unlike denominators • Simplify complex fractions

4-1 Transformations of Graphs and Symmetry

4-2 Combining Functions; Composite Functions

4-3 One-to-One and Inverse Functions

4-4 Additional Equations and Inequalities


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 4 Skills Check

Chapter 4 Review

Group Activities/Extended Applications


5. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Integrated Review Objectives
Use properties of exponents with integers • Use properties of exponents with real numbers • Simplify exponential expressions • Convert between standard notation and scientific notation • Simplify expressions involving scientific notation • Simplify expressions involving rational exponents • Divide polynomials

5-1 Exponential Functions

5-2 Logarithmic Functions; Properties of Logarithms

5-3 Exponential and Logarithmic Equations

5-4 Exponential and Logarithmic Models

5-5 Exponential Functions and Investing

5-6 Annuities; Loan Repayment

5-7 Logistic and Gompertz Functions


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 5 Skills Check

Chapter 5 Review

Group Activities/Extended Applications


6. Higher-Degree Polynomial and Rational Functions

Algebra Toolbox
Polynomials • Factoring Higher-Degree Polynomials • Rational Expressions • Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions • Adding and Subtracting
Rational Expressions • Division of Polynomials

6-1 Higher-Degree Polynomial Functions

6-2 Modeling with Cubic and Quartic Functions

6-3 Solution of Polynomial Equations

6-4 Polynomial Equations Continued; Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

6-5 Rational Functions and Rational Equations

6-6 Polynomial and Rational Inequalities


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 6 Skills Check

Chapter 6 Review

Group Activities/Extended Applications


7. Systems of Equations and Matrices

Algebra Toolbox
Proportion n Proportional Triples • Linear Equations in Three Variables

7-1 Systems of Linear Equations in Three Variables

7-2 Matrix Solution of Systems of Linear Equations

7-3 Matrix Operations

7-4 Inverse Matrices; Matrix Equations

7-5 Determinants and Cramer’s Rule

7-6 Systems of Nonlinear Equations


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 7 Skills Check

Chapter 7 Review

Group Activities/Extended Applications


8. Special Topics in Algebra

8-1 Systems of Inequalities

8-2 Linear Programming: Graphical Methods

8-3 Sequences and Discrete Functions

8-4 Series

8-5 Preparing for Calculus

8-6 The Binomial Theorem

8-7 Conic Sections: Circles and Parabolas

8-8 Conic Sections: Ellipses and Hyperbolas


Key Concepts and Formulas

Chapter 8 Skills Check

Chapter 8 Review

Group Activity/ Extended Applications


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