College Mathematics for Business, E, 14th edition

  • Raymond A. Barnett
  • Michael R. Ziegler
  • Karl E. Byleen
  • Christopher J. Stocker

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For one-semester courses in Finite Math & Applied Calculus or Mathematics for Business.

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College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences, 14th Edition offers more built-in guidance than any other text in its field – with special emphasis on prerequisites skills – and a host of student-friendly features to help students catch up or learn on their own. The text’s emphasis on helping students “get the idea” is enhanced in the new edition by a design refresh, updated data and applications, and a robust MyLab™ Math course.

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0134862619 / 9780134862613   College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences Plus MyLab Math with Pearson eText– Title-Specific Access Card Package, 14/e

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  • 0134674146 / 9780134674148  College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences

  • 0134880463 / 9780134880464 MyLab Math with Pearson eText – Standalone Access Card - for College Mathematics for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences

Table of contents


1. Linear Equations and Graphs 

1.1 Linear Equations and Inequalities 

1.2 Graphs and Lines 

1.3 Linear Regression 

Chapter 1 Summary and Review

Review Exercises


2. Functions and Graphs

2.1 Functions 

2.2 Elementary Functions: Graphs and Transformations 

2.3 Quadratic Functions 

2.4 Polynomial and Rational Functions 

2.5 Exponential Functions 

2.6 Logarithmic Functions 

Chapter 2 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises 



3. Mathematics of Finance 

3.1 Simple Interest

3.2 Compound and Continuous Compound Interest

3.3 Future Value of an Annuity; Sinking Funds 

3.4 Present Value of an Annuity; Amortization 

Chapter 3 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises


4. Systems of Linear Equations; Matrices

4.1 Review: Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables

4.2 Systems of Linear Equations and Augmented Matrices 

4.3 Gauss–Jordan Elimination 

4.4 Matrices: Basic Operations 

4.5 Inverse of a Square Matrix 

4.6 Matrix Equations and Systems of Linear Equations 

4.7 Leontief Input–Output Analysis 

Chapter 4 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises 


5. Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming 

5.1 Linear Inequalities in Two Variables 

5.2 Systems of Linear Inequalities in Two Variables 

5.3 Linear Programming in Two Dimensions: A Geometric Approach

Chapter 5 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises


6. Linear Programming: The Simplex Method

6.1 The Table Method: An Introduction to the Simplex Method

6.2 The Simplex Method: Maximization with Problem Constraints of the Form ≤ 

6.3 The Dual Problem: Minimization with Problem Constraints of the Form ≥ 

6.4 Maximization and Minimization with Mixed Problem Constraints 

Chapter 6 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises 


7. Logic, Sets, and Counting 

7.1 Logic

7.2 Sets 

7.3 Basic Counting Principles 

7.4 Permutations and Combinations 

Chapter 7 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises


8. Probability 

8.1 Sample Spaces, Events, and Probability 

8.2 Union, Intersection, and Complement of Events; Odds 

8.3 Conditional Probability, Intersection, and Independence

8.4 Bayes’ Formula

8.5 Random Variable, Probability Distribution, and Expected Value 

Chapter 8 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises 


9. Limits and the Derivative

9.1 Introduction to Limits 

9.2 Infinite Limits and Limits at Infinity 

9.3 Continuity 

9.4 The Derivative 

9.5 Basic Differentiation Properties 

9.6 Differentials 

9.7 Marginal Analysis in Business and Economics 

Chapter 9 Summary and Review

Review Exercises 

10. Additional Derivative Topics 

10.1 The Constant e and Continuous Compound Interest 

10.2 Derivatives of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 

10.3 Derivatives of Products and Quotients 

10.4 The Chain Rule 

10.5 Implicit Differentiation 

10.6 Related Rates

10.7 Elasticity of Demand 

Chapter 10 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises 

11. Graphing and Optimization

11.1 First Derivative and Graphs

11.2 Second Derivative and Graphs

11.3 L’Hôpital’s Rule 

11.4 Curve-Sketching Techniques 

11.5 Absolute Maxima and Minima 

11.6 Optimization 

Chapter 11 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises 

12. Integration 

12.1 Antiderivatives and Indefinite Integrals 

12.2 Integration by Substitution

12.3 Differential Equations; Growth and Decay

12.4 The Definite Integral 

12.5 The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus 

Chapter 12 Summary and Review

Review Exercises 

13. Additional Integration Topics

13.1 Area Between Curves

13.2 Applications in Business and Economics 

13.3 Integration by Parts 

13.4 Other Integration Methods 

Chapter 13 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises 

14. Multivariable Calculus

14.1 Functions of Several Variables 

14.2 Partial Derivatives 

14.3 Maxima and Minima 

14.4 Maxima and Minima Using Lagrange Multipliers

14.5 Method of Least Squares 

14.6 Double Integrals over Rectangular Regions 

14.7 Double Integrals over More General Regions 

Chapter 14 Summary and Review 

Review Exercises  

15. Markov Chains (online at 

15.1 Properties of Markov Chains 

15.2 Regular Markov Chains 

15.3 Absorbing Markov Chains 

Chapter 15 Summary and Review

Review Exercises 

Appendix A: Basic Algebra Review 

A.1 Real Numbers 

A.2 Operations on Polynomials

A.3 Factoring Polynomials 

A.4 Operations on Rational Expressions

A.5 Integer Exponents and Scientific Notation 

A.6 Rational Exponents and Radicals 

A.7 Quadratic Equations 


Appendix B:  Special Topics (online at  

B.1 Sequences, Series, and Summation Notation 

B.2 Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences

B.3 Binomial Theorem 

B.4 Interpolating Polynomials and Divided Differences

Appendix C: Tables 

Table I Integration Formulas

Table II Area under the Standard Normal Curve 



Index of Applications 

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