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Communicating in the Workplace, 1st edition

  • Thomas Cheesebro
  • Linda O'Connor
  • Francisco Rios

Published by Pearson (March 3rd 2009) - Copyright © 2010

1st edition

Communicating in the Workplace

ISBN-13: 9780136136910

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Chapter reviewer comments about Communicating in the Workplace should make you take another look! Here’s a sample.


Chapter 7   Conflict Resolution

“I think my typical student may benefit more from this chapter than from almost any other chapter in any communication book, as conflict is so prevalent and so many of us handle it inappropriately.”      

Jeff Pomeroy, SW Texas Jr. College

Chapter 11   Verbal and Visual Supports

“I think this chapter, with its informative, direct writing style speaks to the college student trying to plan class presentations.  This is usable information in a Business Communication class where the students will be giving group and individual presentations.”

“The illustrations themselves were excellent, in that they appealed to the modern student in class today: Nutrition-food pyramid, Sled design from Olympic Games, DUI information, and Toyota Hybrid car.”

Beverly Neville, Central NM Community College

Chapter 14   Persuasion

“The authors take a difficult communication concept and clearly teach students how compile a persuasive speech. I really enjoyed this chapter.”

Alma Martinez-Egger, Tarrant County Jr. College, NE


The writing style was professional, crisp, and direct.

Larry Richesin, U of Alaska, Bristol Bay Campus

Table of contents

Table of Contents


1.      Communication Concepts

2.      Perception

3.      Cultural Diversity

4.      Language

5.      Listening and Responding

6.      Interpersonal Relationship Skills

7.      Conflict Resolution

8.      Teamwork

9.      Preparing the Informative Presentation

10.  Organizing Informative Outlines

11.  Verbal & Visual Supports

12.  Gathering Information

13.  Delivering Presentations

14.  Persuasive Speaking

15.  Interviewing Skills

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