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Comparing Media from Around the World, 1st edition

  • Robert McKenzie

Published by Pearson (December 19th 2019) - Copyright © 2006

1st edition

Comparing Media from Around the World

ISBN-13: 9780205402427

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Comparing Media from Around the World discusses the fundamental elements of media systems and shows how they are used in eight sample countries (France, Sweden, the UK, the USA, México, China, Ghana, and Lebanon). Unlike other texts, it is organized according to media elements, with comparative discussions of all eight countries within each chapter. This helps students make connections and comparisons between the countries and allows them to apply the concepts to other countries not discussed in the text.


  • Each chapter discusses a single element of a media system (for example, financing of media) and compares it across media systems in eight countries, allowing students to make comparisons of countries within each chapter.
  • Photos of media from eight countries, most taken specifically for this text, provide examples of newspapers, radio listings, television shows, Web sites, and more, helping students see how media systems operate in other countries.
  • Five “Primer” questions begin each chapter, helping students establish their own baseline of knowledge about the subject of the chapter and prime their curiosity.
  • An accessible writing style with many clear examples makes the material comprehensible and interesting to students.

Praise for Comparing Media from Around the World

“This book effectively combines comparative systems analysis and rhetorical understanding in a thoughtful and engaging examination of eight representative national media systems. It is clearly written, immediately engaging and especially relevant under conditions of globalization.”
—Harry W. Haines, Trinity University

“There is currently nothing like this kind of in-depth, cross-comparative analysis available in the textbook literature, and therefore the author’s work makes an important contribution. It’s clear this scholar has a nuanced and extensive knowledge of the field of global and international communication, and that he understands the complexities of global communication along its economic, political, and cultural dimensions.”
—John L. Sullivan, Muhlenberg College

Table of contents



1. Introduction.

Primer Questions

Media from Around the World

Eight Countries Selected for Comparing Media from Around the World

Limitations and Strengths of the Eight Selected Countries

Beyond Country as a Unit of Analysis

The Importance of Comparing

A Rhetorical Perspective

The Organization of Chapters in This Book


2. Climate of Globalization.

Primer Questions

Four Factors Stimulating Globalization

Criticisms of Globalization


3. Elements of a Media System.

Primer Questions

The Methodological Approach of a System

Centrality of Media Content

Using a Rhetorical Perspective to Generate Elements of a Media System

Elements of a Media System

Elements of a Media System as a Tree


4. Cultural Characteristics of the Eight Countries.

Primer Questions

Cultural Characteristics of France

Cultural Characteristics of Sweden (Sverige)

Cultural Characteristics of the UK (United Kingdom)

Cultural Characteristics of the United States of America (USA)

Cultural Characteristics of México (Estados Unidos México, or Mexican United States)

Cultural Characteristics of China (People's Republic of China, or )

Cultural Characteristics of Ghana (Republic of Ghana)

Cultural Characteristics of Lebanon (Republic of Lebanon, or )

Comparative Summary

5. Philosophies for Media Systems.

Primer Questions

Authoritarian Philosophy

Libertarian Philosophy

Communist Philosophy

Social Responsibility Philosophy

Developmental Philosophy

Democratic-Participant Philosophy

Comparative Summary

6. Regulation of Media.

Primer Questions

Categories of Regulatory Bodies

Regulation of Media in the EU (European Union)

Regulation of Media in France

Regulation of Media in Sweden

Regulation of Media in the UK

Regulation of Media in the USA

Regulation of Media in México

Regulation of Media in China

Regulation of Media in Ghana

Regulation of Media in Lebanon

Comparative Summary

7. Financing of Media.

Primer Questions

Methods of Financing

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