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Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice, 4th edition

  • Karen Lee Fontaine

Published by Pearson (January 12th 2014) - Copyright © 2015

4th edition

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Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice

ISBN-13: 9780133346503

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The most complete, up-to-date, and research-based guide to integrating Complementary and Alternative practices into nursing.


Now fully updated and reflecting extensive new research and evidence, Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Nursing Practice, Fourth Edition is today's most comprehensive overview of alternative health practices and complementary therapies from a nursing perspective. It begins by explaining philosophical approaches to both Western biomedicine and alternative or complementary medicine, introducing concepts such as energy, breath, spirituality, and healing. Next, it presents diverse systems of health care practice, including the values, attitudes, and beliefs that accompany them. Detailed sections thoroughly discuss botanical and manual healing, mind-body and spiritual approaches, and more. The appendix provides specific information on alternative therapies for many common health problems. This edition contains new evidence throughout, including significantly updated Considering the Evidence features presenting eight systematic reviews of randomized control trials, and two new primary research studies. Coverage updates include an expanded discussion of the use of music in therapy, including music-thanatology for palliative care.


Teaching and Learning Experience


This text will help nursing students assimilate thousands of years of healing knowledge from around the world, merging Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) approaches with Western-based nursing practices. It provides:

  • Strong focus throughout on applying evidence and research in real-world nursing practice: Presents the latest evidence, including systematic reviews of randomized control trials and primary research; shows nurses how to evaluate that evidence and use it in practice
  • Comprehensive coverage of virtually all areas of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM): Includes wide-ranging coverage of systematized practices such as traditional Chinese medicine, ayurvedic Medicine, Native American healing and curanderismo; as well as full sections on botanical healing, manual healing, mind-body techniques, spiritual therapies, and more
  • Helps nurses use CAM both as part of an integrated nursing practice, and to improve their own lives and well-being: Offers specific guidance on integrating CAM with western medicine, using it in client education, and personally applying CAM practices to manage stress and other health concerns

Table of contents



UNIT 1. Healing Practices: Complementary/Alternative Therapies for Nurses

1. Integrative Healing

2. Basic Concepts Guiding Alternative Therapies

3. The Role of Evidence-Based Health Care in Complementary and Alternative Therapies


UNIT 2. Systematized Health Care Practices

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine

5. Ayurvedic Medicine

6. Native American Healing and Curanderismo


UNIT 3. Botanical Healing

7. Herbs and Nutritional Supplements

8. Aromatherapy

9. Homeopathy

10. Naturopathy


UNIT 4. Manual Healing Methods

11. Chiropractic

12. Massage

13. Pressure Point Therapies

14. Hand-Mediated Biofield Therapies

15. Combined Physical and Biofield Therapies


UNIT 5. Mind–Body Techniques

16. Yoga

17. Meditation

18. Hypnotherapy and Guided Imagery

19. Dreamwork

20. Intuition

21. Music as a Therapeutic Tool

22. Biofeedback

23. Movement-Oriented Therapies


UNIT 6. Spiritual Therapies

24. Shamans

25. Faith and Prayer


UNIT 7. Other Therapies

26. Bioelectromagnetics

27. Animal-Assisted Therapy


Appendix. Alternative Therapies for Common Health Problems







Positive Thoughts

Herbal Remedies

Soothing Potions

Top Ten Remedies

Pet Remedies


Energy Boosters


Foot Massage

Experience Your Energy Field

Emotional First Aid

Redirecting the Flow of Energy

Heart Breathing

Loving–Kindness Meditation

Renovating Your Day

Shrinking Antagonistic Forces

Improving Dream Recall

Positive Affirmations

Practice Intuition

Music for Stress Reduction

Mind Control of Muscular Strength

Feel Your Qi

Wave Hands Like Clouds (Water T’ai Chi)

Shamanic Journey

Projecting Love

Absorbing Earth Energy

Going to the Mountains

Interacting with You

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