Complete Guide to Writing Fiction and Nonfiction, and Getting it Published, 2nd edition

  • Pat Kubis

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KEY BENEFITS: A comprehensive exploration of fiction and nonfiction — from the fundamentals of writing simply and directly to preparing a complete manuscript to approaching a publisher. KEY TOPICS: Selecting characters; using classic “hooks,” creating effective dialog; developing theme fiction, fantasy, and sagas; do's and dont's of query letters; writing an interview; finding an agent; and analyzing contracts and royalties.

Table of contents

 1. Dynamics of Plot.

 2. Viewpoint: The Magic Key to Publishing.

 3. How to Open a Short Story or Novel.

 4. The Art of Creating Three-Dimensional Characters.

 5. How to Create Effective Dialogue.

 6. How to Develop a Good Style.

 7. How to Create Settings.

 8. How to Create the Story: Scene, Summary, and Transition.

 9. How to Get Back and Forth in Time.

10. Theme—What's It All About?

11. Do Titles Really Matter?

12. Research Made Easy.

13. Article Writing: How to Begin.

14. How to Write the Query Letter.

15. Writing the Article.

16. The Art of Magazine Characterization.

17. The Interview Article.

18. Whom Are You Writing For — And Why?

19. How to Approach a Publishing House.

20. How to Develop the Proposal (Nonfiction), The Synopsis (Fiction).

21. Everything about Literary Agents.

22. Whee — You received a Contract — Now What?


Published by Pearson (September 1st 1989) - Copyright © 1990