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CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Cert Guide, 4th edition

  • David L. Prowse
CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Cert Guide

ISBN-13: 9780789758996

Includes: Hardcover

4th edition

Published by Pearson IT Certification (October 20th 2017) - Copyright © 2018

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What's included

  • Hardcover

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Learn, prepare, and practice for CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam success with this CompTIA approved Cert Guide from Pearson IT Certification, a leader in IT certification learning and a CompTIA Authorized Platinum Partner.

·         Master CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam topics

·         Assess your knowledge with chapter-ending quizzes

·         Review key concepts with exam preparation tasks

·         Practice with realistic exam questions

CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Cert Guide is a best-of-breed exam study guide. Best-selling author and expert instructor David L. Prowse shares preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. Material is presented in a concise manner, focusing on increasing your understanding and retention of exam topics.


The book presents you with an organized test-preparation routine through the use of proven series elements and techniques. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending chapter review activities help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly. Review questions help you assess your knowledge, and a final preparation chapter guides you through tools and resources to help you craft your final study plan.


The companion website contains the powerful Pearson Test Prep practice test software, complete with hundreds of exam-realistic questions. The assessment software offers you a wealth of customization options and reporting features, laying out a complete assessment of your knowledge to help you focus your study where it is needed most.


Well regarded for its level of detail, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this CompTIA approved study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that will enable you to succeed on the exam the first time.


The CompTIA approved study guide helps you master all the topics on the Security+ exam, including

·         Core computer system security

·         OS hardening and virtualization

·         Application security

·         Network design elements

·         Networking ports, protocols, and threats

·         Network perimeter security

·         Physical security and authentication models

·         Access control

·         Vulnerability and risk assessment

·         Monitoring and auditing

·         Cryptography, including PKI

·         Redundancy and disaster recovery

·         Social Engineering

·         Policies and procedures


Table of contents

  • Chapter 1 Introduction to Security
  • Chapter 2 Computer Systems Security
  • Chapter 3 OS Hardening and Virtualization
  • Chapter 4 Application Security
  • Chapter 5 Network Design Elements
  • Chapter 6 Networking Protocols and Threats
  • Chapter 7 Network Perimeter Security
  • Chapter 8 Securing Network Media and Devices
  • Chapter 9 Physical Security and Authentication Models
  • Chapter 10 Access Control Methods and Models
  • Chapter 11 Vulnerability and Risk Assessment
  • Chapter 12 Monitoring and Auditing
  • Chapter 13 Encryption and Hashing Concepts
  • Chapter 14 PKI and Encryption Protocols
  • Chapter 15 Redundancy and Disaster Recovery
  • Chapter 16 Policies, Procedures, and People
  • Chapter 17 Taking the Real Exam
  • Practice Exam 1: SY0-501

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