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Computer System Architecture, 3rd edition

  • M Morris R. Mano

Published by Pearson (October 19th 1992) - Copyright © 1993

3rd edition

Computer System Architecture

ISBN-13: 9780131755635

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Focused primarily on hardware design and organization — and the impact of software on the architecture — this volume first covers the basic organization, design, and programming of a simple digital computer, then explores the separate functional units in detail.


  • develops an elementary computer to demonstrate by example the organization and design of digital computers.
  • uses a simple register transfer language to specify various computer operations.

Table of contents

 1. Digital Logic Circuits.

 2. Digital Components.

 3. Data Representation.

 4. Register Transfer and Microoperations.

 5. Basic Computer Organization and Design.

 6. Programming the Basic Computer.

 7. Microprogrammed Control.

 8. Central Progressing Unit (CPU).

 9. Pipeline and Vector Processing.

10. Computer Arithmetic.

11. Input-Output Organization.

12. Memory Organization.

13. Multiprocessors.


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