Computing for Non-Specialists, 1st edition

  • Nanda Bandyo-Padhyay
  • Nanda Bandyo-Padhyay

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This book is intended to be an introduction to computing for those students who are studying the subject as a subsidiary course and intend to major in another subject. It should also be useful for the " intelligent layman" who wants to know more about computing and its applications.

Table of contents

1. Introduction to Information Technology
2. How Computers Work
3. Input, Output and External Storage
4. Computer Software
5. Common Business Applications
6. Computer Programs
7. Communicating Data
8. Information Superhighway and the Internet
9. Developing a Computer System
10. Computers and Humans
11. Security of Computers
12. Computerisation of our Society

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Published by Pearson (March 23rd 2000) - Copyright © 2000