Conceptual Physical Science Explorations, 2nd edition

  • Paul G Hewitt
  • John A. Suchocki
  • Leslie A. Hewitt



Focused on the idea that the rules of the physical world can be taught using a conceptual approach that emphasizes qualitative analysis, the Hewitt team has created a book that is highly readable, flexible, and hands-on. Thirty-four concisely written chapters allow you to better select topics to match your course and the needs of your readers in a one- or two- semester course. Conceptual Physical Science Explorations, Second Edition presents a clear and engaging introduction to physics, chemistry, astronomy, and earth sciences. The authors use analogies and everyday examples to clarify key concepts and help readers better understand the world around them. The book's consistent, high-quality coverage stimulates active learning with critical thinking exercises, hands-on experiments, review questions, and quantitative problems. Conceptual Physical Science Explorations is less rigorous in coverage and written more simply than Conceptual Physical Science, Fourth Edition, and directed primarily to college courses where readers are less well prepared, and in some cases, remedial. The Second Edition features updated content, new Chapter Opening statements, and more.

KEY TOPICS: About Science, Newton’s First Law of Motion - Inertia, Newton’s Second Law of Motion - Force and Acceleration, Newton’s Third Law of Motion - Action and Reaction, Momentum, Energy, Gravity, Fluid Mechanics, Heat, Electricity, Magnetism, Waves and Sound, Light and Color, Properties of Light, The Atom, Nuclear Energy, Elements of Chemistry, How Atoms Bond and Molecules Attract, How Chemicals Mix, How Chemicals React, Two Types of Chemical Reactions, Organic Compounds, The Chemistry of Drugs, Nutrition, Rocks and Minerals, Earth’s Interior, Plate Tectonics, Earth’s Surface Features, Earth History Over Time, Oceans and Atmosphere, Driving Forces of Weather, The Solar System, Stars and Galaxies, The Structure of Space and Time. MARKET: Intended for those interested in learning the basics of conceptual physical science.

Table of contents

1. About Science


2. Newton’s First Law of Motion - Inertia

3. Newton’s Second Law of Motion - Force and Acceleration

4. Newton’s Third Law of Motion - Action and Reaction

5. Momentum

6. Energy

7. Gravity

8. Fluid Mechanics


9. Heat

10.  Electricity

11. Magnetism

12. Waves and Sound

13. Light and Color

14. Properties of Light

15. The Atom

16. Nuclear Energy


17. Elements of Chemistry

18. How Atoms Bond and Molecules Attract

19. How Chemicals Mix

20. How Chemicals React

21. Two Types of Chemical Reactions

22. Organic Compounds

23. The Chemistry of Drugs

24. Nutrition


25. Rocks and Minerals

26. Earth’s Interior

27. Plate Tectonics

28. Earth’s Surface Features

29. Earth History Over Time

30. Oceans and Atmosphere

31. Driving Forces of Weather


32. The Solar System

33. Stars and Galaxies

34. The Structure of Space and Time

Appendix A. Systems of Measurement

Appendix B. Linear Motion

Appendix C. Vectors

Appendix D. Physics of Fluids

Appendix E. Exponential Growth and Doubling Time

Appendix F. Safety

Published by Pearson (January 25th 2009) - Copyright © 2010