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Concrete Finishing Level 2 Trainee Guide, Paperback, 1st edition


Published by Pearson (December 2nd 1999) - Copyright © 1999

1st edition

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Concrete Finishing Level 2 Trainee Guide

ISBN-13: 9780130148605

Includes: Paperback
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Table of contents

(Total Level Hours: 165)

23201 Properties of Concrete, Part Two (7.5 Hours)

Describes the physical and chemical properties of various materials used in a concrete mix. Includes the description of chemical and mineral admixtures, lightweight concrete, high strength concrete, flowable fill, and various types of paving materials. Discusses expected results of the use of admixtures.


23202 Estimating Concrete Quantities (10 Hours)

Covers the methods and techniques used in estimating materials quantities for concrete construction. Provides background for use of plans and drawings as well as math calculations. Gives example calculations for estimating quantities of concrete for curb and gutter, stairs, slab, wall

footings, and columns. 


23203 Forming (20 Hours) 

Describes forming requirements. Includes types of forms, forming materials, use of release agents, form accessories, placement of anchors and embedments, and form removal. Highlights safety requirements with emphasis on reshoring precautions and procedures.


23204 Site Concrete (30 Hours)

Includes descriptions and techniques for forming, constructing, and finishing various types of site work.  Focuses on the construction of steps and stairs, curbs and gutters, sidewalks and driveways, and low vertical structures.  Describes different finishing techniques.


23205 Architectural Finishes (20 Hours)

Introduces architectural concrete and architectural finishes. Provides information on the surface classes of architectural concrete and the treatments commonly specified to make them attractive. Includes special surface treatments, special forms, and form liners. 


23206 Industrial Floors (22.5 Hours)

Presents construction and finishing of this special class of concrete work. Describes the use of special tools and finishing techniques. Explains procedures for preparation, joint layout, placing, finishing, and curing.


23207 Superflat Floors (22.5 Hours)

Presents requirements for constructing superflat floors and techniques used to achieve required results. Explains procedures for preparation, placing, finishing, and curing. Describes techniques for measuring tolerances of slabs and methods for troubleshooting during placement and finishing. Explains repair procedures.


23208 Surface Treatments (12.5 Hours)

Provides an overview of the various types of surface treatments that can be applied to concrete structures. Includes the requirements for and application of dry shakes, self-leveling topping, epoxies, and shotcrete.


23209 Quality Control (10 Hours)

Introduces the ideas and tasks related to sampling, testing, and inspecting concrete and its component materials. Describes various types of specifications, along with the standard procedures for sampling and testing concrete mix. Covers inspection procedures for forms, construction methods, and finishing.


23210 Making Repairs (10 Hours)

Explains the requirements for making repairs to concrete based on specific problems. Explains and demonstrates repair methods. Describe

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