Conflict Management Skills for Law Enforcement, 1st edition

  • Terri M. Geerinck
  • Geoff Stark

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Designed for courses in Intro to Policing, Police and Society, Police Training, Social Issues in Criminal Justice, Intro to Law Enforcement, Multicultural Law Enforcement, Police Community Relations, and Special Topics in Policing.

Conflict Management Skills for Law Enforcement is a team effort between an experienced police officer and a professor and writer who teaches psychology and interpersonal dynamics. This text will provide students with the basic strategies and skills of conflict management that are necessary for their chosen career in law enforcement.

Table of contents



 1. An Introduction to Conflict Management.

 2. The Process of Conflict.

 3. Nonverbal Strategies for Conflict Management.

 4. Verbal Strategies for Conflict Management.

 5. Managing Aggressive Behaviour and Crises.

 6. Dealing with Alcohol Abusers.

 7. Dealing with People with Mental Health Disorders.

 8. Negotiations and Mediation.

 9. Dealing with Domestic Abuse and Family Abuse.

10. Managing Stress.


Published by Pearson Canada (May 15th 2002) - Copyright © 2003