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Confucius, the Analects and Western Education, 1st edition

  • Frank M Flanagan
Confucius, the Analects and Western Education

ISBN-13:  9780826499301


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Frank Flanagan explores the significance for western liberal/democratic educational systems of the philosophy of Confucius. He presents the central elements of Confucius' approach to education and government through an account of the biography of Confucius, an analysis of the¿Analects, and an evaluation of the Confucian tradition through selected contemporary critical accounts. He assesses the value that the Confucian tradition has for the educational systems of advanced industrialised countries in the 21st century.

Table of contents

Introduction: Confucius and the Analects \ 1. Confucius: The Historical Context \ 2. Who was Confucius? \ 3. The Primacy of the Family: Familial Duty as the Basis of Social Order \ 4. Government and the Power and Example of Rulers \ 5. Confucian Thought and Language: The Rectification of Names \ 6. The Form and Substance of Ritual (Li) \ 7. Pedagogy and Learning \ 8. The Confucian Gentleman \ 9. Confucianism and the Modern Age \ 10. Conclusion \ Bibliography \ Subject Index

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Published by Continuum (December 8th 2011) - Copyright © 2011