Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers and Individual Freedoms: Principles and Practice, 4th edition

  • Dr Daniel E. Hall
  • John Feldmeier


Constitutional Law: Governmental Powers and Individual Freedoms introduces the core principles, cases, and doctrines surrounding constitutional law. Flexible in design, it can be used in a study of governmental powers and civil liberties, individually or together. By examining real cases and contemporary legal scenarios, the text makes the constitution and constitutional law relevant rather than theoretical. The 4th edition includes new cases and rulings addressing civil liberties and criminal procedure, as well as new analysis of constitutional issues raised by state and federal responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and other significant events.

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Constitutional Law
  2. Dividing Governmental Power 
  3. The Judiciary: Its Role and Jurisdiction
  4. Congress
  5. The Presidency
  6. Administrative Agencies in the Constitutional Scheme
  7. Contemporary Federalism: The State and Federal Relationship
  8. Individual Liberties and the Bill of Rights
  9. First Amendment Freedoms of Expression, Association, and Press
  10. Religion and the Constitution
  11. Substantive Due Process: Privacy, Personal Autonomy, and Other Liberties
  12. Equal Protection
  13. Civil Liberties in the Criminal Justice System

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Published by Pearson (January 1st 2021) - Copyright © 2022