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Content-Based Second Language Teaching and Learning: An Interactive Approach, 2nd edition

  • Theresa Y. Austin
  • Marjorie Hall Haley


For any pre- or in-service mainstream teacher learning how to teach the English Language Learners or world language students in their classrooms—or those who simply want to get better at it—here is an interactive approach that’s packed with engaging features, opportunities for reflection, important new ideas and suggestions, and a number of ways to better connect to professional development standards like the Common Core Standards and WIDA.


Content-Based Second Language Teaching and Learning gives readers opportunities to interact with the material; reflect and consult with colleagues, partners, and classrooms; revisit their responses; and get assistance from accompanying PowerPoint presentations online that focus on the key concepts of each chapter. Packed with practical, how-to ideas and techniques culled from two critical fields of study—psycholinguistics and socio-cultural—it offers today’s teachers more methodological approaches to teaching in ESL settings than virtually any other book on the market.

Table of contents

Section I: Language, Language Learning, and Language Acquisition

Chapter 1: How Languages Are Learned and Acquired through Content

Section II: Interactive Instructional Practice in Content-Based Settings

Chapter 2: Planning for Today's Millennial Learners and a Standards-Based Classroom

Chapter 3: A Critique of Methods and Approaches in Language Teaching

Chapter 4: Evaluating and Creating Interactive and Content-Based Assessment

Chapter 5: Foregroundign Oral Communication

Chapter 6: Literacy and the English Language Learner

Chapter 7: Foregrounding Written Communication in Content-Based Second-Language Teaching and Learning

Chapter 8: Interactive Approaches for Working with Diverse Learners

Chapter 9: Integrating Technology in an Interactive, Content-Based Classroom

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Published by Pearson (July 17th 2013) - Copyright © 2014