Conversación y controversia: Tópicos de hoy y de siempre, 6th edition

  • Nino R. Iorillo
  • Andres C. Diaz

Conversación y controversia: Tópicos de hoy y de siempre

ISBN-13:  9780205696550

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Conversación y controversia encourages the exploration of “free expression” in Spanish on universal topics of importance and interest. Promoting a free exchange of ideas in the classroom, this text allows students to develop their oral conversation and confidence in a friendly atmosphere, rather than by having the “right answer” or reviewing grammatical concepts.


The universally appealing chapter topics show the great similarity among cultures. These help students examine and express their own opinions and beliefs, on basic yet important issues of life. A natural, direct approach, written completely in Spanish without translations, encourages students to “think” in Spanish and break away from mentally translating to or from English.


In this new edition, the majority of topics have been retained, with updates reflecting current social and political realities. Additionally, three new topics have been added: Faith and Science, Climate Change, and Governments and Politics.

Table of contents

1. El científico y el artista.

 2. El año 2100.

 3. El matrimonio nuevo.

 4. La popularidad: hombres y mujeres.

 5. Temas candentes: El Terrorismo.

 6. El ser supremo.

 7. Pasado, presente y futuro.

 8. El aborto.

 9. La eutanasia.

10. Temas candentes: La migración.

11. La salud y la medicina.

12. La censura.

13. El suicidio.

14. Gobiernos y política.

15. Temas candentes: La Naciones Unidas.

16. La pena capital...muerte.

17. La herencia y el medio ambiente.

18. El narcotráfico.

19. Fe y ciencia.

20. Temas candentes: El Spanglish.

21. Actitud ciudadana.

22. Cambios de clima.

23. La educación.

Published by Pearson (April 1st 2010) - Copyright © 2011