Core CSS, 2nd edition

  • Keith Schengili-Roberts

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The Complete and Comprehensive Web Developer's Guide to Style Sheets

Core CSS, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive guide that shows both beginning and expert Web developers all they need to know to achieve great results with the latest style sheet properties. In this example-rich book, Schengili-Roberts provides in-depth coverage of the CSS1 and CSS2 standards, provides a "head's up" look at what to expect in the forthcoming CSS3 specification, and covers those CSS properties specific to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. It is the most complete and up-to-date CSS reference available.

CSS is fundamental to current Web design, allowing you to separate content from formatting, and to do Web page layout in ways simply not possible using regular HTML. Most books on CSS simply look at how you can accomplish certain formatting tricks, but this book delves deeper, looking at how each CSS property works, what CSS is capable of, and what to expect in the near future.

This book provides the most accessible and up-to-date listing available on CSS compatibility across browsers and operating systems so Webmasters can finally know which CSS properties are "safe" to use.

Detailed appendices provide full CSS property listings, compatibility charts, and more.

Core CSS, 2nd Edition delivers:

  • Practical techniques for integrating CSS into your Web site development
  • Expert insight into choosing the best style sheet code
  • Hundreds of professional-quality code examples
  • An overview of new CSS3 properties

Table of contents



Who You Are.

How This Book Is Organized.

Conventions Used in This Book.

Further Information.

Additional Material.


1. The Birth of CSS.

The World Wide Web Consortium Introduces Cascading Style Sheets. XHTML, CSS2 and CSS3. Re-emergence of the Browser Wars?

2. (X)HTML and Its Relationship to CSS.

Adding Cascading Style Sheets to Web Pages. The <style> Element. The <span> and <div> Elements. The <link> Element.

3. Browser Adoption of CSS.

Internet Explorer 3.x. Internet Explorer 4.x. Internet Explorer 4.5 (Macintosh) and 5.x (Windows and Macintosh). Internet Explorer 5.5. Internet Explorer 6.0. Opera 3.5. Opera 4.x 6.x. Netscape Navigator 4.x. Mozilla and Netscape Navigator 6.x and 7.x. Other Browsers.

4. Implementation of Basic CSS Concepts.

Grouping. Inheritance. class and id as Selectors. Contextual Selectors. Comments. CSS2 Selectors. CSS3 Selectors.

5. The Cascade.

Cascading Order. !important. Cascade-Order Sources.

6. CSS Units.

Length Units. Percentage Units. URLs. Strings. Time Units. Angle Units. Frequency Units.

7. Pseudo-Classes and Pseudo-Elements.

anchor Pseudo-Element. first-line Pseudo-Element. first-letter Pseudo-Element. lang Pseudo-Class. left, right and first Pseudo-Classes. focus and hover Pseudo-Classes. first-child Pseudo-Class. Pseudo-Elements in Selectors and Combining Multiple Pseudo-Elements.

8. Media Types and Media Queries.

Browser Compatibility. Media Queries. width and height Media Queries. device-width and device-height Media Queries. device-aspect-ratio Media Query. color Media Query. color-index Media Query. monochrome Media Query. resolution Media Query. scan Media Query. grid Media Query.

9. Font Properties.

font-family Property. font-size Property. font-style Property. font-variant Property. font-weight Property. font Property. font-stretch Property. font-size-adjust Property. The @font-face Pseudo-Element. CSS3 Font Decoration Properties.

10. Text Properties.

letter-spacing Property. word-spacing Property. line-height Property. vertical-align Property. text-align Property. text-decoration Property. text-indent Property. text-transform Property. text-shadow Property. glyph-orientation-horizontal and glyph-orientation-vertical Properties. text-script Property. min-font-size and max-font-size Properties. text-justify-trim Property. line-break Property. word-break-cjk Property. word-break-inside Property. word-break Property. wrap-option Property. linefeed-treatment Property. white-space-treatment Property. all-space-treatment Property. white-space Property. text-overflow-mode Property. text-overflow-ellipsis Property. text-overflow Property. kerning-mode Property. kerning-pair-threshold Property. punctuation-trim Property. text-line-through Set of Properties. text-overline Set of Properties. text-underline Set of Properties. text-blink Property.

11. Text Property Extensions.

Internet Explorer Text-Formatting CSS Extensions. layout-flow Property. writing-mode Property. layout-grid Sub-Family of Properties. text-autospace Property. text-justify Property. text-kashida-space Property. text-underline-position Property. word-break Property. text-align-last Property.

12. Box Properties.

border-“style” Properties. border-style Property. border-color Property. border-width Property. border-bottom Property. border-left Property. border-right Property. border-top Property. border-bottom-width Property. border-left-width Property. border-right-width Property. border-top-width Property. border Property. border-radius Set of Properties. border-image Set of Properties. border-fit Set of Properties. border-image-transform Set of Properties. border-break Property. box-shadow Property. clear Property. clear-after Property. float Property. float-displace Property. indent-edge-reset Property. height Property. width Property. padding-bottom Property. padding-left Property. padding-right Property. padding-top Property. padding Property. margin-bottom Property. margin-left Property. margin-right Property. margin-top Property. margin Property. min-width, max-width, min-height and max-height Properties. fit and fit-position Properties. marquee Properties.

13. Color.

color Property. Gamma Correction under CSS3. opacity Property. rendering-intent Property. color-profile Property. @color-profile. X11 Color Keywords.

14. Background Properties.

background-color Property. background-image Property. background-repeat Property. background-attachment Property. background-position Property. background Property. background-position-x and background-position-y Properties. CSS3 Properties. background-clip Property. background-origin. background-size. background-quantity. background-spacing.

15. Classification Properties and Generated/Automatic Content.

white-space Property. list-style-type Property. list-style-image Property. list-style-position Property. list-style Property. The content Property plus the before and after Pseudo-Elements. quotes Property. counter-increment and counter-reset Properties. marker-offset Property.

16. Visual Formatting and Detailed Visual Formatting.

display Property. Positioning Properties: position, top, left, right and bottom. z-index Property. direction and unicode-bidi Properties. min-width, max-width, min-height and max-height Properties.

17. Visual Effects.

overflow Property. overflow-x and overflow-y Properties. clip Property. visibility Property. zoom Property. ime-mode Property.

18. Paged Media.

size Property. marks Property. Page-Break Properties. page Property. windows and orphans Properties.

19. Tables.

caption-side Property. table-layout Property. border-collapse, border-spacing and empty-cells. speak-header Property. Table-like Layout Using CSS.

20. User Interface.

cursor Property. outline Sub-Family of Properties. outline-width Property. outline-style Property. outline-color Property. outline Property. accelerator Property. CSS3 Properties. resizer Property. key-equivalent Property. tab-index Property. user-input Property. user-modify Property. user-select Property. user-focus, user-focus-key and user-focus-pointer Properties. toggle-group and group-reset Properties. Mozilla User-Interface-Related Extensions. CSS3 Additions to Existing User-Interface Properties.

21. Aural Cascading Style Sheets.

speak Property. volume Property. Pause Sub-Set of Properties. Cue Sub-Set of Properties. play-during Property. azimuth Property. elevation Property. speech-rate Property. voice-family Property. pitch Property. pitch-range Property. stress Property. richness Property. Speech Sub-Group of Properties.

22. Ruby.

What Is Ruby? The <ruby> Tag Set. ruby-align Property. ruby-overhang Property. ruby-position Property.

23. Multi-Column Layout.

Introduction. column-count Property. column-width Property. column-gap Property. column-width-policy Property. column-space-distribution Property. Column Rule Properties. column-span Property.

24. Scrollbars.

The Parts of a Scrollbar. Scrollbar Properties. Browser Compatibility.

25. Filters and Transitions.

Visual Filters in Internet Explorer. Static Filters. Transition Filter Overview.

Appendix A: CSS1 and CSS2 Compatibility Charts.

Appendix B: Alphabetical Listing of CSS Properties and Values.

accelerator. azimuth. background. background-attachment. background-color. background-image. background-position. background-position-x. background-position-y. background-repeat. border. border-bottom. border-bottom-color. border-bottom-style. border-bottom-width. border-collapse. border-color. border-left. border-left-color. border-left-style. border-left-width. border-right. border-right-color. border-right-style. border-right-width. border-spacing. border-style. border-top. border-top-color. border-top-style. border-top-width. border-width. bottom. caption-side. clear. clip. color. content. counter-increment. counter-reset. cue. cue-after. cue-before. cursor. direction. display. elevation. empty-cells. float. font. font-family. font-size. font-size-adjust. font-stretch. font-style. font-variant. font-weight. height. layout-flow. layout-grid. layout-grid-char. layout-grid-line. layout-grid-mode. layout-grid-type. left. letter-spacing. line-break. line-height. list-style. list-style-image. list-style-position. list-style-type. margin. margin-bottom. margin-left. margin-right. margin-top. marker-offset. marks. max-height. max-width. min-height. min-width. orphans. outline. outline-color. outline-style. outline-width. overflow. padding. padding-bottom. padding-left. padding-right. padding-top. page. page-break-after. page-break-before. page-break-inside. pause. pause-after. pause-before. pitch. pitch-range. play-during. position. quotes. richness. right. ruby-align. ruby-overhang. ruby-position. scrollbar-3dlight-color. scrollbar-arrow-color. scrollbar-base-color. scrollbar-darkshadow-color. scrollbar-face-color. scrollbar-highlight-color. scrollbar-shadow-color. scrollbar-track-color. size. speak. speak-header. speak-numeral. speak-punctuation. speech-rate. stress. table-layout. text-align. text-align-last. text-autospace. text-decoration. text-indent. text-justify. text-kashida-space. text-overflow. text-shadow. text-transform. text-underline-position. top. unicode-bidi. vertical-align. visibility. voice-family. volume. white-space. widows. width. word-break. word-spacing. writing-mode. z-index.

Appendix C: CSS3 Mobile Profile.

Mobile Properties. Mobile At-rules. Mobile Selectors.


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