Core Ready Lesson Sets for Grades K-2: A Staircase to Standards Success for English Language Arts, The Road to Knowledge: Information and Research, 1st edition

  • Pam Allyn


The Road to Knowledge: Information and Research guides teachers and students through three rich, dynamic lesson sets that focus on informational texts in the primary grades in ways that enliven inform, and inspire. With these lessons as a guide, students learn how to use the unique text features and structure of informational text to notice patterns and identify key ideas and concepts while building a vocabulary of domain-specific language. They see how to navigate informational texts and cite evidence, taking learning to a new level.  


With this book as a guide, students see how to:

  • Read and listen carefully to explore nonfiction topics and discover important and interesting facts and details.
  • Begin to notice and understand how to use text features and text structure to support their understanding and navigation of informational text.
  • Become curious researchers who ask and answer their own questions.
  • Compare and contrast sources on the same topic.
  • Learn to take notes in an organized and purposeful manner.
  • Share their discoveries through writing, speaking, and visual presentation.

Visit to purchase access to the PDToolkit for Pam Allyn's Core Ready Series. The PDToolkit access does not come with the print book.


PDToolkit for Pam Allyn's Core Ready Series is a supplemental online subscription-based resource that provides the tools that educators need to implement the Common Core Standards effectively, fluidly, and successfully. The PDToolkit, together with the texts, provides the tools you need to ensure a standards-aligned year of joyful, effective, research-based literacy curriculum.

Table of contents

Grade K—Connecting the Dots: Topics and Details in Informational Text

Grade 1—Navigating Non-Fiction

Grade 2—What’s The Big Idea: Using Text Features to Locate Key Information

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