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Cornerstones for Career College Success, 3rd edition

  • Patricia G. Moody
  • Robert M. Sherfield
  • Robyn Brinks Lockwood


The Third Edition is written specifically for the career college student focusing on their unique needs with financial aid, study tips, motivation, learning strategies, and technology. 


Cornerstones for Career College Success will help career college students adjust to life in higher education, become self-motivated, master technology, use study strategies successfully, communicate more effectively, and create a dynamic job-search plan. Every student story is written by a student who graduated from a career college. New to this edition is the addition of Bloom's Taxonomy (critical thinking) integrated throughout and the total incorporation of SQ3R (reading comprehension).  New chapters include, Connect, that focuses on using technology in the educational setting, Prosper, which offers updated financial management strategies such as information about student loans, scholarships, and managing debt, and Plan, the career planning chapter has been completely revised with many sample cover letters and resumes including scannable and electronic resume preparation.

Table of contents

Preface    BEGIN: The Goal of Cornerstones for Career College Success and Our Commitment to You


Chapter 1    THRIVE: Creating Success, Guiding Change, and Setting Goals


Chapter 2    PROSPER: Managing Your Money and Debts Wisely


Chapter 3    ENGAGE: Developing Your Personal and Academic Motivation


Chapter 4    PERSIST: Understanding the Culture of Your Institution


Chapter 5    CONNECT: Connecting with Technology, Research, and Information Literacy


Chapter 6    READ: Building Successful Reading Strategies for Print and Online Material


Chapter 7    PRIORITIZE: Managing Your Time, Stress, and Health Wisley


Chapter 8    LEARN: Discovering Your Learning Style, Dominant Intelligence, and Personality Type


Chapter 9    RECORD: Cultivating Your Listening Skills and Developing a Note-Taking System that Works for You


Chapter 10    STUDY: Developing Your Memory, Study, and Test-Taking Skills


Chapter 11    THINK: Building Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, and Problem-Solving Skills


Chapter 12    COMMUNICATE: Communicating, Appreciating Diversity, and Managing Conflict


Chapter 13    PLAN: Creating a Dynamic Employment Package and Job Search Plan




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Published by Pearson (January 24th 2012) - Copyright © 2013