Corporate Crime, 1st edition

  • Gary Slapper
  • Steve Tombs

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This book offers a comprehensive, accessible and student-friendly account of a subject which is becoming of increasing concern and debate amongst criminologists. The key element in its approach will be to look at corporate crime in the broad contexts of theoretical criminology, applied criminology and criminal justice.

Chapters in the book set out the types and nature of corporate crime, discuss the various theories that have been developed to explain it, look at recent developments, (such as the increasing size and power of corporate organisations) and their implications for the future, as well as the question of the policing and punishment of corporate crime.

Table of contents


  1. The Emergence of Corporate Crime.
  2. Mapping and Measuring the Extent of Corporate Crime.
  3. Counting and Costing Corporate Crime.
  4. Crime, Law and Order Agendas: the (In)visibility of Corporate Crime.
  5. Accounting for Corporate Crime: Corporations and Pathology.
  6. Accounting for Corporate Crime: Corporations and Political Economy.
  7. Regulating Corporations.
  8. Punishing Corporations.
  9. Conclusion

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Published by Pearson Canada (March 29th 1999) - Copyright © 1999