Cortos en curso, Short Films in Spanish -- Access Card -- for MyLab Spanish (Multi Semester), 1st edition

  • Paloma E. Lapuerta

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Cortos en curso is a series of twelve short films accompanied by a corresponding set of activities that are appropriate for courses that span the intermediate and advanced levels.  Each film is approximately 10-12 minutes in length and has been selected because its content, plot, and language level support goals of most intermediate and advanced level course materials.  The films provide a high interest story line that motivate learners to view authentic cultural products, practices, and perspectives in a very real, functional way.

Table of contents

1.  La boda (Spain)

Mirta is a Cuban living in Madrid.  Like many immigrants, she works in maintenance/cleaning.  At 6:00, her daughter is to be married.  However, nothing goes according to plan and getting to the wedding is more difficult than it appears. 
Director:  Marina Seresesky

2.  Vida nueva (Argentina)

Elena and Camilo are neighbors.  She is 72 years old and he is 78.  Their tired bodies and wrinkly faces are a somber reminder of time gone by.  Elena and Camilo like each other--in silence. They spy and flirt with each other as if they were teens. The film takes place on the last day of the year and their loved ones are joining to celebrate with them.  
Director:  Lucas Santa Ana.  

3.  Cristobal (Cuba)

Cristobal Torriente is an ex-baseball player and legendary champion of the Cuban Baseball League who now lives in Habana Centro, where time seems to stand still.  Today is the day his dream will finally come true.  As he walks through La Habana--as if touching the four bases on the baseball diamond--he visits the parts of town that hold the strongest memories for him, and arrives to the baseball stadium to pass on his many years of experience and hopes to his son. Today is his son's first playoff game as a professional ballplayer, Cristobal, Jr.                   Directors:  Emanuele Cova and Nelson Navarro.  

4.  De la noche a la manana (Argentina)

Mercedes, minutes before her father's death, finds out she has a sister named Pilar.  Mercedes doesn't know her and has to find her before the funeral. When Mercedes finally finds her, their encounter does not yield the results she longed for.  
Director and Writer:  Lucas Santa Ana

5.  Alfred and Anna (Spain)

Professor Alfred's lifelong dream to teach music is truncated. The families of Hummingbird had to emigrate due to the closing of the town's factory, (which drove the town's economy); the town has been left with no children. Day by day, Alfred drifts away from his wife Anna and the dream they once shared. The arrival of a new student will return Alfred's excitement to teach music, but will he be able to rekindle the passion he once felt for Anna?                
Director:  Juan Manuel Suarez-Garcia.  

2012 Goya Awards:  Nominted for Best Spanish Animation Short Film
2013:  Festival de Malaga: Seleccion oficial cortometrajes de animacion

6.  A Lonley Sun Story (Spain)

When Linda sees no solution to her problems, she decides to run away, but a strange turn of events leads her to meet a peculiar young man named Oscar.  Linda will live an experience that will change her life forever.   
Directors:  Juanma Suarez, Enrique F. Guzman.  

2014 Goya Awards:  Nominated for Best Animated Short Film

7.  Pelucas (Spain)

Actress Maria Fornell ends her last performance of the season for "Lysistrata".  Cooped up in her dressing room (still in character and in costume), she refuses to attend the evening's gala to receive an award.  Her partner and make up artist, Silvia, tries to convince her to go to the gala.  
Director and Screenplay:  Jose Manuel Serrano Cueto

8.  Estatuas (Mexico)

The inauguration ceremony of a statue in the town's square--at which Carlitos is to give a commemorative speech--becomes the place for public manifestation of discontent and petitions in a city that is trying to survive on the edge of the countryside.  
Director:  Roberto Fiesco.  

2013 Premios Ariel:  Nominated for Best Short Fiction Film

9.  Cuesta abajo (Colombia)

 Henry Forero (a boy of only twelve), born in a popular district of Bogota, is the new global transportation visionary. Thanks to his Colombian cars, he will not only revolutionize the automobile industry, but his cars will reach the entire world. Henry is a child who teaches us that sometimes in life, in order to get to the top, you have to go downhill first. 
Director:  Luisa V, Orozco Ortiz
10.  Amador y Caridad (Colombia)

Every morning, on his way to work, Amador writes "requests" in his notebook from his neighbors and friends. As a garbage collector in a wealthy part of Bogota, he collects things (plumbing parts, furniture, books, etc.) that his friends need. Amador is silently in love with Caridad (the town's school teacher). One day, Caridad appears at his door and a big surprise awaits him.   
Director and Screenplay:  Vlamyr Vizcaya
11.  YO TB TQ (Yo tambien te quiero) (Spain)

A film entitled "Yo tambien te quiero" shows the difference between two couples trying to resolve their differences. One using WhatsApp and the other, face to face. You will be surprised by the turn of events!                                Director:  Daniel Montes

12.  Recursos humanos (Spain)

An employer is getting ready to preform yet another routine job interview, but what starts out as a routine task may not be so this time.  
Director: Joan Alvarez Llados 

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