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Costing for the Fashion Industry, 1st edition

  • Michael Jeffrey
  • Nathalie Evans
Costing for the Fashion Industry

ISBN-13:  9781847882592


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Costing for the Fashion Industry offers a clear, concise examination of the issues involved in budgeting and costing for the rapidly changing fashion industry. Accessibly written and designed specifically for the teaching of fashion-related subjects, it encourages a realistic awareness of costing, manufacture and sourcing.

Each chapter focuses on a theme such as the changing nature of cost and of the industry, time constraints, global awareness and new markets, and product cost and sourcing. The chapters include exercises to reinforce learning, as well as case studies and guides to further learning. Michael Jeffrey and Nathalie Evans combine many years of teaching and practical experience in accounting, buying and production for the fashion industry.

Costing for the Fashion Industry is a practical, easy-to-use textbook which enables the reader to successfully put into practice the basic costing methods essential to students of fashion.

Table of contents

Chapter 1: The Nature of Clothing Manufacture and the Need for Costing
Chapter 2: The Elements of Cost
Chapter 3: Costing Over Periods of Time
Chapter 4: Product Cost: Job Costing
Chapter 5: Global Awareness and New Markets
Chapter 6: Product Cost When Sourcing
Chapter 7: Marginal Costing
Chapter 8: Break-Even Analysis
Chapter 9: Standard Costing and Budgeting
Chapter 10: The Changing Nature of Cost
Chapter 11: Activity-Based Costing

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Published by Berg Publishers (April 1st 2011) - Copyright © 2011