Counseling in Schools: Comprehensive Programs of Responsive Services for All Students, 6th edition

  • John G. Schmidt


Counseling in Schools by John J. Schmidt provides critical information about the school counseling profession and the leadership role professional counselors have in today’s schools. Widely popular in its previous edition, the book traces the development of school counseling, presents contemporary roles and functions for school counselors, and explores future possibilities for the profession. Included are a variety of resources to help counseling students and professionals seeking information about the nature of school counseling services deal effectively with the roles and functions the job today, and explore possibilities for the profession tomorrow, among them: case studies; exercises; samples of program designs for elementary, middle, and high school counseling centers; a look at the ASCA National Model® and other approaches; and much more.

Table of contents

Brief Table of Contents

1.   The School Counseling Profession

2.   Diverse Students, Communities, and Schools

3.   The School Counselor and Program Leadership

4.   Comprehensive School Counseling Programs

5.   Services of a Comprehensive Program

6.   Program Development

7.   Individual Counseling and Group Processes

8.   Collaboration and Consultation

9.   Student Assessment

10.  Educational and Career Development

11.  Evaluation of School Counseling Programs

12.  Professional Ethics and Legal Issues

13.  School Counseling Today and Tomorrow


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