Criminal Investigation: In Search of the Truth, 2nd edition

  • Bill Van Allen

Criminal Investigation: In Search of the Truth

ISBN-13:  9780138000110


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Criminal Investigation, Second Edition has been updated to reflect current police practices and techniques in investigating and assessing crime scenes. This new edition contains more information on DNA and using technology in investigations, as well as a new case law decision dealing with sufficiency of investigative notes, new images dealing with forensic artistry, and an updated section on conducting a photographic lineup.

        Based on the author’s 32-years experience as a police officer and detective, Criminal Investigation represents personal experiences and lessons from some of the finest investigators, coroners, prosecutors, judges, and other justice professionals. Van Allen introduces the groundwork for beginning an investigation in great detail and provides real case examples from a national perspective.

Table of contents

  1. Criminal Investigative Function
  2. Evidence
  3. Note Taking and Report Writing
  4. Interviewing Witnesses and Victims
  5. Interrogation of Suspects
  6. Crime Scene Investigation
  7. Forensic Sciences
  8. Specialized Investigative Techniques
  9. Informant Management
  10. Current Law Relating to Search and Seizure
  11. Sudden Death and Homicide Investigation
  12. Major Case Management
  13. Courtroom Procedures






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