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  5. Crisis Intervention: The Criminal Justice Response to Chaos, Mayhem, and Disorder


Crisis intervention from a criminal justice perspective.


Crisis Intervention: The Criminal Justice Response to Chaos, Mayhem, and Disorder introduces readers to the methods and techniques of crisis intervention employed by police and correctional officers. Rather than focusing on abstract theories, this text presents real-life situations first and then explores the theories and methods relevant to those situations. It goes beyond the simple presentation of facts and incorporates best practices of policing and other topics usually found only in police training manuals. The text also examines the psychological effects of crisis on criminal justice professionals and ethical considerations related to crisis response.

Table of contents

Chapter 1           The Problem of Crisis

Chapter 2           Fight, Flight, or Freeze: The Psychophysiology of Crisis

Chapter 3           Crisis Communication

Chapter 4           Use of Force

Chapter 5           The Tactical Response

Chapter 6           Suicide and the Psychology of Self-Destruction

Chapter 7           The Crisis of Domestic Violence

Chapter 8           The Victims of Crisis

Chapter 9           The Hostage Crisis

Chapter 10         Responding to Mass Panic

Chapter 11         The Cult Mindset and the Doomsday Crisis

Chapter 12         The Crisis of Mental Illness

Chapter 13         The Institutional Crisis

Chapter 14         Crisis in the Courtroom

Chapter 15         The Cost of Crisis: When the Helpers Need Helped

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