Critical Issues in Criminal Justice, 1st edition

  • Chip Burns

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More than an edited work, this book contextualizes current events within the criminal justice literature. Highlighting a variety of high-interest issues, it shows readers how recent happenings relate to criminal justice studies. Lively commentary accompanies each article and introduces each section—and essay questions challenge readers to engage in discussion and debate. Closely aligned to most introductory texts, this book introduces readers to major issues in the field and helps them understand how they fit within the context of crime and justice.

Table of contents

Section 1:  “Foundational Issues”


Introduction to Section I


“The Case of the Unsolved Crime Decline”

                        R. Rosenfeld


“The New Math on Crime”

                        Will Sullivan


“Neuroscience and the Law”

                        Michael Gazzaniga and Megan S. Steven


“Ill Winds:  The Chemical Plant Next Door”

                        Becky Bradway


“Chasing my Stolen Bicycle”

                        Justin Jouvenal


“Virginia Tech Shooting Leaves 33 Dead”

                        Christine Hauser and Anahad O’Connor


“Duke Lacrosse Players Relieved Case has ‘Closure’”

                        The Associated Press


“O.J. Simpson’s Book and TV Special are Canceled”

                        Bill Carter and Edward Wyatt 


Section II:  “Policing”


            Introduction to Section II


            “Help Wanted”

                        Jack Dunphy


            “Katrina, One Year Later…”

                        Ann Wilder and James Arey 


            “Super Bowl XXXIX:  The Successful Response of the FBI and its Partners”

                        Jeffrey Westcott


            “Forensic Nursing:  An Aid to Law Enforcement”

                        Joseph R. Yost


            “Why Racial Profiling Doesn’t Work”

                        Kim Zetter


            “Mayor Meets Groom’s Family in NYPD Slaying”

                        The Associated Press


            “Early Detection of the Problem Officer”

                        Dino DeCrescenzo


            “Policing the Future:  Law Enforcement’s New Challenges”

                        Gene Stephens



Section III:  “Courts”


            Introduction to Section III


            “A Court in a Storm”

                        Aaron Kuriloff


            “The Case Against Plea Bargaining”

                        Timothy Lynch


            “Rights of Defense”

                        Andrew Rachlin


            “How Much Should Lawyers Know When Picking a Jury?”

                        M. B. E. Smith


            “Self-Defense vs. Municipal Gun Bans”

                        Robert VerBruggen


            “The Innocents:  Idealistic Law Students Labor to Free the Wrongly Accused”

                        Michele Cohen Marill


            “Evil Twins:  And How DNA Evidence is Useless Against Them”

                        John Wolfson


            “Effects of Capital Punishment on the Justice System”

                        Brent E. Dickson


Section IV:  “Corrections”


            Introduction to Section IV


            “The Carrot and the Sticks”

                        Jens Soering


            “Paris Starts, Ends Week Behind Bars”

                        John Rogers


            “Incarceration and Crime:  A Complex Relationship”

                        Ryan S. King, Marc Mauer, and Malcolm C. Young


            “Panel Suggests Using Inmates in Drug Trials”

                        Ian Urbina


            “Serving Life, With No Chance of Redemption”

                        Adam Liptak


            “Barred From Voting”

                        Katharine Mieszkowski


            “Felon Fallout”

                        Alan Greenblatt


“Returning Home:  Scholars Say More Research is Needed on the Societal Re-entry of the Formerly Incarcerated”

            Ronald Roach 


Section V:  “Juvenile Justice and Emerging Issues in Criminal Justice”


            Introduction to Section V


            “The Trouble With Troubled Teen Programs”

                        Maia Szalavitz


            “Jailed for Life After Crimes as Teenagers”

                        Adam Liptak


            “Young Lives for Sale”

                        Bay Fang


            “Stepchildren of Justice”

                        Carl M. Cannon


            “Biometrics Basics”

                        Law and Order staff


            “GPS Offender Tracking & the Police Officer”

                        Patrick Hyde and Nicole DeJarnatt


            “Do Immigrants Make Us Safer?”

                        Eyal Press


            “The CSI Effect”

                        Kit R. Roane

Published by Pearson (June 15th 2020) - Copyright © 2009