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Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World, 4th edition

  • Joan Wink

Published by Pearson (July 28th 2010) - Copyright © 2011

4th edition

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Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World

ISBN-13: 9780137028733

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This text is an accessible analysis of critical pedagogy that articulates multiple ways of applying its principles in various contexts. Critical Pedagogy: Notes from the Real World, Fourth Edition, presents a thoughtful examination of the theoretical models of critical pedagogy in an engaging, understandable writing style.


 With a clear, first-person narrative, Joan Wink offers a powerful and accessible analysis of the often difficult rhetoric of critical pedagogy, arguing that critical pedagogy opens the door to a broader and deeper perspective on teaching and learning in the classroom and the community. The text strongly encourages teachers to continuously adapt teaching beliefs and strategies to meet the needs of today's classrooms.  The fourth edition provides greater attention to an expanded view of identity, coverage of new and emerging critical theorists, and an action plan for how readers can move into advocacy and activism. 


 What reviewers have to say:


“Particularly, I am drawn to [Wink’s] lucid explanations of key concepts of critical pedagogy and her motivating approach to moving the reader from transmission understandings of knowledge to transformative.”

            Deanna L. Fassett, San Jose State University


“Parts of the text read as if the author was talking aloud with herself as she sorts through the dilemmas facing teachers today.  The writing style creates a dialogue with the reader and it truly becomes more than just one-sided.”

            Carrie M. Dale, Eastern Illinois University


Table of contents




              1     Why in The World Does Critical Pedagogy Matter?

The Lesson of Dayna: One Size Does Not Fit All

Three Perspectives on Pedagogy: The Artist’s Notes

Critical Pedagogy: What in the World Do I Think It Is?      

How I Came To These Understandings

My Journey: First, Spanish; Next, Bilingual; Finally, Critical Pedagogy

The Word Universe

History Helps: Three Perspectives

Transmission Model

Generative Model

Transformative Model

Transmission to Transformative and Example


The World Is Changing Faster and Faster

M.Greene and More

New Resources

Banks and Social Action

The Benson Kids: Teaching is Learning

Learn, Relearn, and Unlearn Your Way to Critical Pedagogy

The Reflective Cycle, An Overview: More Learning, Relearning, and Unlearning

 The Reflective Cycle and You  



              2     What in The World Is Critical Pedagogy?

 A Word About Language

Dawn Does Critical Pedagogy

Le Does Critical Pedagogy

What’s In A Name?


Generative Definitions

Language of Possibility, Language of Critique

Vygotsky: Reaching Back to Move Forward    

Word by Word   

Banking Model of Education    


Carmen Has It    

Rainey Doesn’t–Well, Didn’t    



Cultural Capital    





Hidden Curriculum    


Critical Literacy: Reading the Word and the World    

Orate and Literate Communities    



CARMA, Critical Action Research Matrix Application

Problem Posing    

To Groom  &nbs

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