Cultural Anthropology, Fourth Canadian Edition, 4th edition

  • Barbara D. Miller
  • Penny Van Esterik
  • John Van Esterik

Cultural Anthropology, Fourth Canadian Edition

ISBN-13:  9780205577927


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This text delivers information about the world’s cultures from a progressive viewpoint reflecting a contemporary approach to anthropology, with cutting-edge research explained in clear and engaging prose.  It also promotes critical thinking and reflective learning in students.  Giving more attention to globalization as a force of change worldwide, and making connections between the global and the local, students will find many points at which they can connect with the material and reflect on their own culture.

Table of contents

PART I           Introduction to Cultural Anthropology     


1          Anthropology and the Study of Culture

2          Methods in Cultural Anthropology


PART II          Economic and Demographic Foundations           


3          Economies and Their Modes of Production

4          Consumption and Exchange

5          Birth and Death

6          Personality and Identity over the Life Cycle

7          Disease, Illness, and Healing


PART III        Social Organization       


8          Kinship and Domestic Life

9          Social Groups and Social Stratification

10         Politics, Conflict and Social Order


PART IV         Symbolic Systems         


11         Religion

12         Communication

13         Expressive Culture


PART V          Contemporary Cultural Change


14         People on the Move

15         Defining Development

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