Cultural Anthropology, 15th edition

  • Carol R. Ember
  • Melvin R. Ember


Cultural Anthropology is a comparative exploration of human cultures across space and time. You'll explore not only what humans are — and were — like, but also how they got to be that way, in all their variety.

Table of contents

1. What Is Anthropology?
2. Culture and Culture Change
3. Culture and the Individual
4. Understanding and Explaining Culture
5. Communication and Language
6. Getting Food
7. Economic Systems
8. Social Stratification: Class, Ethnicity, and Racism
9. Sex and Gender
10. Marriage and the Family
11. Marital Residence and Kinship
12. Associations and Interest Groups
13. Political Life: Social Order and Disorder
14. Religion and Magic
15. The Arts
16. Health and Illness
17. Practicing and Applying Anthropology

Published by Pearson (March 27th 2018) - Copyright © 2019