Cultural Anthropology, 8th edition

  • Barbara D. Miller


Cultural Anthropology presents a balanced introduction to the world's cultures, focusing on how they interact and change. Author Barbara Miller encourages you to think critically about other cultures as well as your own. Highlights include contemporary examples of anthropology in action.

Table of contents

1. Anthropology and the Study of Culture
2. The Evolution of Humanity and Culture
3. Researching Culture
4. Making a Living
5. Consumption and Exchange
6. Reproduction and Human Development
7. Disease, Illness, and Healing
8. Kinship and Domestic Life
9. Social Groups and Social Stratification
10. Power, Politics, and Social Order
11. Communication
12. Religion
13. Expressive Culture
14. People on the Move
15. People Defining Development

Published by Pearson (May 6th 2016) - Copyright © 2017