Data Communications and Networking Fundamentals Using Novell Netware (3.12), 1st edition

  • Emilio Ramos
  • Al Schroeder
  • Ann Beheler

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This book provides a strong foundation in the concepts and terminology of bot communications and networking and features how-to, hands-on in the use of the most popular LAN products.

Table of contents

 1. Communication Networks and Services Offered.

 2. Basic Communication Concepts and Hardware.

 3. Advanced Communication Hardware.

 4. Communication Media.

 5. Network Basics.

 6. Local Area Networks.

 7. Network Design Fundamentals.

 8. Introduction to Novell NetWare.

 9. NetWare Installation.

10. The SYSCON Utility and Login Scripts.

11. Security, Organization, and Management.

12. Workstation Installation and Customization.

13. Network Printing.

14. Customizing NetWare.

15. Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Networking.




Published by Pearson (November 20th 1995) - Copyright © 1996