Database Concepts, 8th edition

  • David M. Kroenke
  • David J. Auer
  • Scott L. Vandenberg
  • Robert C Yoder

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For undergraduate database management students or business professionals


Here’s practical help for understanding, creating, and managing small databases—from two of the world’s leading database authorities. Database Concepts gives undergraduate database management students and business professionals alike a firm understanding of the concepts behind the software, using Access 2016 to illustrate the concepts and techniques. Three projects run throughout the text, to show students how to apply the concepts to real-life business situations. The text provides flexibility for choosing the software instructors want to use in class; allows students to work with new, complete databases, including Wedgewood Pacific, Heather Sweeney Designs, and Wallingford Motors; and includes coverage for some of the latest information on databases available.


Teaching and Learning Experience
This text will provide a better teaching and learning experience–for you and your students. Here's how:

  • Provides a firm understanding of the concepts behind the software

  • Uses Access 2013 to illustrate the concepts and techniques while also providing flexibility to choose the software used in class

  • Allows students to work with new, complete databases

  • Includes coverage of some of the latest information available

Table of contents


1   Getting Started      3

2   The Relational Model      70

3   Structured Query Language      133


PART   2      DATABASE DESIGN       261

4    Data Modeling and the Entity- Relationship Model          263

5   Database Design      315



6   Database Administration     363

7   Database Processing

Applications      420

8   Data Warehouses, Business Intelligence

Systems, and Big Data       486


Glossary     541


Index      553




Appendix A:  Getting Started with

Microsoft SQL Server


Appendix B:  Getting Started with

Oracle Database XE

 Appendix C:  Getting Started with MySQL 5.7 Community Server

Appendix D:  James River Jewelry

Project Questions

Appendix E:  Advanced SQL

Appendix F:  Getting Started in Systems

Analysis and Design

Appendix G: Getting Started with

Microsoft Visio 2016

Appendix H: The Access Workbench– Section H–Microsoft Access 2016 Switchboards

Appendix I:   Getting Started with Web Servers, PHP, and the NetBeans IDE

Appendix J:    Business Intelligence


Appendix K: Big Data


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