DC/AC Fundamentals: A Systems Approach, 1st edition

  • Thomas L Floyd
  • David M. Buchla

DC/AC Fundamentals: A Systems Approach (Subscription)

ISBN-13:  9780133108996

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DC/AC Fundamentals: A Systems Approach takes a broader view of DC/AC circuits than most standard texts, providing relevance to basic theory by stressing applications of dc/ac circuits in actual systems.

Table of contents

Part I  DC Circuits   

Chapter 1  Systems, Quantities, and Units

Chapter 2  Voltage, Current, and Resistance 

Chapter 3  Ohm’s Law, Energy, and Power 

Chapter 4  Series Circuits 

Chapter 5  Parallel Circuits  

Chapter 6  Series-Parallel Circuits 

Chapter 7  Magnetism and Electromagnetism 


Part II  AC Circuits   

Chapter 8 Introduction to Alternating Current and Voltage 

Chapter 9 Capacitors 

Chapter 10 RC Circuits 

Chapter 11 Inductors 

Chapter 12 RL Circuits 

Chapter 13 RLC Circuits and Resonance 

Chapter 14 Transformers 

Chapter 15 Time Response of Reactive Circuits 



A     Table of Standard Resistor Values

B      Capacitor Color Coding and Marking

C      Norton’s Theorem and Millman’s Theorem

D      NI Multisim for Circuit Simulation


Answers to Odd-Numbered Problems



Published by Pearson (July 2nd 2012) - Copyright © 2013