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Deconstruction and Democracy, 1st edition

  • Alex Thomson
Deconstruction and Democracy

ISBN-13:  9780826499899


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'No democracy without deconstruction': Deconstruction and Democracy evaluates and substantiates Derrida's provocative claim, assessing the importance of this influential and controversial contemporary philosopher's work for political thought. Derrida addressed political questions more and more explicitly in his writing, yet there is still confusion over the politics of deconstruction. Alex Thomson argues for a fresh understanding of Derrida's work, which acknowledges both the political dimension of deconstruction and its potential contribution to our thinking about politics. The book provides cogent analysis and exegesis of Derrida's political writings; explores the implications for political theory and practice of Derrida's work; and brings Derrida's work into dialogue with other major strands of contemporary political thought. Deconstruction and Democracy is the clearest and most detailed engagement available with the politics of deconstruction, and is a major contribution to scholarship on the later works of Jacques Derrida, most notably his Politics of Friendship.

Table of contents

Part One: Democracy and Deconstruction
1.¿ No Democracy without Deconstruction?
2.¿ Deconstruction and Liberal Democracy
3.¿ Deconstruction and Radical Democracy
Part Two: Deconstruction as Political Practice
4.¿ Deconstruction and Philosophical Nationalism
5.¿ The Politics of Exemplarity: Derrida and Heidegger
6.¿ Hospitality and the Cosmopolitical
Part Three: Politics against Ethics
7.¿ Economy of Violence: Derrida and Levinas
8.¿ Against Community
Part Four: Deconstruction and Depoliticization
9.¿ The Spectrality of Politics
10. Depoliticization and Repoliticization
11. The Politics of Spectrality
12. Deconstruction and Depoliticization

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Published by Continuum (December 15th 2007) - Copyright © 2007